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Fae Lord of Finnegan's Bluff, Keeper of Doors

He is

He lasts and outlasts, roots deep in the soil and bedrock.

He is the rustling of leaves in the breeze, the exhale of oxygen bringing life to the fauna.

He is effervescence, wonder, rarely angry these days.

Limitless beyond those imposed upon him by the Fae Court and the Truce.

Finnegan is the key to all traverse points, the navigator of the World Tree upon
which all Realms cling.

Finnegan exists, and so do we all.

Lord General Finnegan (a.k.a. The Old Oak, Lord of the Bluff)

To some, Finnegan is a fop of a Fae Lord, who mimics animal passions, drinks inebriants and engages in frivolity. To others, he is the General of the Fae Armies, a terrifying and prolific old Oaken veteran not to be trifled with. Many of those see Finnegan's tenure in the Axis Mundi as a form of House Arrest, to avoid meddling in Midgard. Truth be, The Mystic War was a barren blip on his lifespan.

Few know the truth of him, and those who do are either silent or in strange places, where all others are unawares.

Finnegan's roots run deep in The Fae Lands, no Fae remember the way through the gnarled ancient rounds anywhere near where Finnegan is planted. One of the most ancient of them all, his usefullness and potent abilities with magic denote an intrinsic blessing from the Creatrix.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

One of the few Fae powerful enough to inhabit a physical body analogous to the humanoid fauna, his projected form alone is an indication of age and power. Most Fae appear Fae-like, with bark for skin, trailing vines or bush or leaves for 'hair', and an unmistakeable floral appearance.

While in times of great stress Finnegan can present more 'Fae' (See: Son of Abel; Book of Revels), the majority of the time he appears as innocuous as any human with caramel tanned skin, and natural curl to his green-black hair.

Body Features

Like all Fae, Finnegan has access to two forms:
His original tree, which if pressed, most would realize they've never seen. It is far too deep into the inner forest rings of the The Fae Lands.
His humanoid inhabitation.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A sprout at the 'beginning of the worlds' (which is not an appropriate indicator of time), Finnegan is an Oak so old many wonder if he personally knew the Green Man. This quandary brings us to his main function within the Fae Court: an intermediary between the Green Man's travel conduits and those who wish to use them. Fae would carve their own branches for the chance, but as is the Green Man, the only one he blessed is Finnegan.

Troublemaker and trickster, Finnegan appeared and caused chaos in the Fae Lands and in Midgard alike. In retrospect, the correlation between stasis and Finnegan's interference dictates the Fae Lord ventured forth to create chaos only in places where stasis became stagnant. This was mitigated only by the upswing in violence throughout the Realms, where Finnegan was sent to coordinate the Fae offensives across multiple Realms. Part of his infamy was the Rastenivitsya, a Fae curse so profound, it changed the course of Realm history.

After The Mystic Truce came into effect, Finnegan never left the Axis Mundi, imprisoned by his usefulness or kept under house arrest in a place he could still contribute, none will say.


Contacts & Relations

The Pub Crowd

Everyone in the Mystic Realms knows Finnegan, the way a traveller knows how to take public transit or drive a car. Finnegan is a waypoint being for most, the nebulous party master, who does nothing but keep the Folk travelling as much as possible. He is less a person to converse with as a mechanism for their lives, and as the Fae control the vast majority of all inter-Realm travel thanks to the even more nebulous Green Man, most Realms would be lost without him.

The Folk listed below are Finnegan's choice companions, those the old Oak tends to keep around or fancy more than the lot combined. To them is a special priviledge of knowing the true Lord of the Fae.

Circumstances of Birth
The Creatrix's laughter
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


To heal the Realms, by opening up travel through the Green Man's roots. To incite motion in the Cosmos & fight stagnation.


Finnegan runs the Pub, and coordinates travel between the Mystic Realms. Without Finnegan, travel between Realms is nigh impossible. This gives Finnegan a certain amount of leeway in his more... unique... behaviours.


Yes. When it comes to the question of erotic pleasures, Finnegan's answer is usually, if not always, yes.

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The Judge of Mystics Saga is a series of contemporary magic realism novels by Sapha Burnell, published by Vraeyda Literary.
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