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In the beginning, a presence hovered on the face of the deep waters of chaos. Chaos. Zep Tepi. The Waters. Ginnungagap. While Realms hold their own versions of the creation of the cosmos in its entirety, one of the most pervasive of motifs is a presence upon the chaotic waters. How long the Creatrix hovered over the deep, how far the deep drifted, whether there was ending or bottom or infinite waters remains as mysterious as the Creatrix themselves.   Everyone who asks such questions of the Creatrix is usually the proud owner of a liquefied brain or consciousness by the end. Infinite and omnipotent, the Creatrix is unknowably potent and unquestionably important for all Realms. Go back far enough in any cosmogony and they're present, the essence of the divine.   Few have met with the Creatrix directly without their lives or sanity being forfeit, not from the Creatrix's desire to cause harm, but based on the unfathomable nature of a presence too potent and upper dimensional for comprehension.   The Creatrix is mightier than the universe, infinite and unknowable, as no minds can fathom her.   We know only this: She created us from a whisper. From a child's hunger and desire for companionship were we born as emanations from her boundless fount.

Divine Domains

  1. The Cosmos
  2. Ginnungagap


The cosmos. The Folk. Finnegan. Humans.

Holy Books & Codes

Me, the Book of Knowledge. I am one of the holy records.

Tenets of Faith

Love and create. View others with compassion.    These are the Creatrix's only known gospel.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To watch over the waters, and create.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Body Features

Having unlimited ability to modify their body and its features (when the Creatrix inhabits a physical form at all), there are no distinct body features to pin down.

Special abilities

The supreme power of creation, imagination and adoration of that which has been formed and unformed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

For the one and only time, I do not know what to write.

Gender Identity

The Divine Feminine and The Divine Androgynous.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The creation of the cosmos.  The invention of love.

Personality Characteristics


To love & to create infinite favours.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Devotion
  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Dishonesty
  • Search for power
  • Wanton violence
  • Fear



Infinite & eternal.

Contacts & Relations

People Who Survived Looking in the Creatrix's Eyes

Family Ties

Are we not all the Creatrix's family, if she created us?


When in a beautiful mood, the Creatrix is given to create the most gorgeous things. Nebulae, chocolate, a lover's kiss.    When in a vengeful mood, the Creatrix is known to punish and destroy with a vehemence many would consider shocking. And many would be right. I can say only this with confidence: The Creatrix is perfect. She is perfection in the imperfect creation she wrought, and acts with a perfection none can feel, nor taste, nor experience without shattering apart.    And perhaps that is the unknowable piece. Perhaps none but her can wrap their minds around perfection in its terror and delight and infinite love.

Hobbies & Pets



Fewer people have heard the Creatrix speak, than have looked her in the eyes and survived. I await more anecdotal information relayed by one particular source.   
"Never gonna happen, stop trying, Book." Caleb Mauthisen
  As Karisma says, fooey.

Wealth & Financial state

Having created all matter, the Creatrix thus owns everything in existence.
Divine Classification
Supreme Creatrix
Current Status
Hovering Over the Waters
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Currently Held Titles
Current Residence
The Cosmos
Ruled Locations
Character Prototype

Appears In

Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks

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