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The Mystic Truce

A Council of Divinities & other Mystic Beings, who preside over the peace treaty & ceasefire which binds the Realms to an existence without war. Contained in one being, the Truce is tied inexorably to Caleb Mauthisen's tenure as Judge.

Many believe the Truce is an impossibility without him, as his unique situation was what caused the ceasefire in the first place.


The Truce is presided by a Council of Equals - deities and spirits, one from each Realm. The current structure of the Council is as follows:
Æsir & Vanir
Hera Juno Olympia
Mama Yaa
The Immortals


While one might think the Truce is a melting pot of cultures, it is in practice more of a stalemate on a circular train route with each person clutching close their cultural handbag. Little dissemination of knowledge and join of cultures has happened over the 163 years of the Paxus, something only recently beginning to change.

Public Agenda

To maintain the Truce through the judicious application of restraint while in Midgard or such locations which are not considered neutral. To keep the peace. 
No magic in the Middling Plane, outside of specified Truce Neutral locations.

No manipulating the  Humans. 

No fourth chances.


A newborn swaddled in cotton sheets, left upon the altar of the Axis Mundi stilled the centuries of combat, which became known as The Mystic War. The act of Raynar Einridsen begat a wave of mercy from the Goddesses who bore witness to the infant Caleb Mauthisen's cries. 

Hera Juno Olympia and Mary were the first to take Caleb into their arms, sharing the responsibilities of wet-nurses and surrogate mothers, while the chaos of the War raged to its eventual halt. Goddesses from across the Realms offered to nurse the child, swaddling him up in their affections and giving to Caleb the divine milk of all Realms who listened.

And as the Goddesses consoled the infant, they talked.

The Goddesses spoke to each other, found similarities and differences, enjoyed each others' company until the Axis Mundi became a place of community instead of bloodshed. Chairs were brought forth, a few comfortable places for the child to rest his infant head, and unto the group of women stepping up to care for a Widower's child, a thought.

Taken by Ares Mars Olympia and Jase to recuperate, Raynar's Wrath left him. He called for the end of the battles, and perhaps out of a sense of shared pain at seeing the grief in a father who could not look upon his son, Ares acquiesced. The clatter and clang of battle receded to pockets, which eventually became silence, and more gathered at the Axis Mundi to see how this miracle occurred.

A bastion of peace would exist around the Child. And although few agreed absolute in the functions little Caleb Mauthisen was meant to fulfill, eventually the title of Judge was set upon the infant's shoulders.

Separate and holy, the Judge would be the tie which bound all Realms to a Cosmos without bloodshed. The Sacrifice and the Power.


  • No magic or use of supernatural powers in the Middling Plane (Midgard).
  • No manipulations of Human peoples. 
  • Keep Neutrality absolute in Neutral spaces. 
  • Bring other Truce Realms into a shared cultural experience. 
  • The Judge is to be kept Separate, so he can maintain absolute Neutrality. 

Political Influence & Intrigue

By belonging to none, the Judge is a sword and shield for all within the Truce. Thus, no favouritism is allowed. The Judge must be kept separate, a symbol for all Realms.


Secret, Occult
Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories


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