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Tuija Draganova

поляница Tuija Miloslava Draganova (a.k.a. Tuj, Tuyu)

An ancient Bogatyrs promised to Perun, Tuija is a veteran of The Mystic War. Stern, physically powerful and capable, Tuija was the last Folk cursed with Rastenivitsya. Body slowly morphing into an extinct cedar, her resilience has kept her fighting a century longer than any other. To know Tuija is to seek a lesson in courage, not once giving up.

Banished from Mat Zemlya for the security risk of turning into a Fae, Tuija lived in Finnegan's Bluff Public House and worked as a bartender. Finnegan owed her that much.

"Hey Book, what gives? Why can't I scroll down? I know there's more, why's this Tuija chick come up when I click on Daddy's bio?"
Karisma Calebdottir
"Rrrgh! Scroll, you... wait... why're you blanking things out? Hey! Stop that!"
Karisma Calebdottir
Child. Please, stop, not this article. I'll show you a unicorn, or the pristine paradise of Prav. Perhaps you might light to see Makosh, Tuija knew Makosh well.
"Dad! The Book's broken and I didn't do it!"
Karisma Calebdottir
Child no, Karisma stop don't... Caleb...
"What're you talking about, Kari, what's... Tuija..."
Caleb Mauthisen
I'm sorry Caleb, I tried to dissuade her.
"Dissuade me from what? Midgard to Dad-meister? Seriously, I get why you're all 'don't show Karisma the disembodied bits' 'don't show Karisma the terror curses', but some weird bartender with a cut up face?"
Karisma Calebdottir
"Stop talking... give Book here. No more."
Caleb Mauthisen
"Woa, what did I... are you... wait. Daddy? Are you... are you crying? What did I do?"
Karisma Calebdottir
Caleb Mauthisen
Do you want me to...
"No. Sh-show me Tuija's picture, please."
Caleb Mauthisen
You know someday you have to tell her, right?

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A few decades of lackadaisical living didn’t damage too much of Tuija’s warrior physique aside from a few extra pounds.

Identifying Characteristics

The Fae Lord’s curse is a horrific malady, which over time replaces fauna skin, muscle, sinew with bark and cellulose. Metamorphosis into a giant extinct Cedar tree meant each bruise and cut on Tuija’s body created disfiguring bark. Knuckles, cheek, down her neck and into her hair, Tuija was in mid turn. Few looked her in the eye, even fewer did not avert their gaze when she walked into a room.  Caleb didn’t seem to mind the disfigurement, loving her all the same. Is that okay to say, Caleb?
”Yes. Yes, best not leave that aside.”
Caleb Mauthisen

Karisma Calebdottir

 Yes, Karisma. Love as sturdy as century cedar, a pure and hearty affection.  Do you see now why your father is having a hard time?

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to nobles lost to history in the Kievan Rus, Tuija was raised hearing stories of the Bogatyrs and the gods. Eventually deciding life as a mother was not for her, she took up arms to defend her people. Hunted and fought, stayed around the fire. Dependable and sensible, Tuija became known to Perun, Lada and Makosh. After a series of quests, she was given the honour of travel between Yav (The Makoshki word for Midgard) and Prav.

She built a reputation for her prowess in battle, and joined the Wild Hunt for centuries. At the last skirmishes of The Mystic War, in a battle between the Fae and Perun's forces hunkered down in the Caucasus, Tuija threw herself between Finnegan and Perun as the mighty Fae Lord cast Rastenivitsya at his hated enemy. Struck with the curse, and wounded on the killing field, only the spark in Tuija's eyes and her dogged intent not to die saved her from a mercy kill at her god's hand.

Outcast, Tuija stumbled to the Axis Mundi to recover and attempt to lift her curse. She waited for Finnegan, believing his death would free her. She sharpened her sword and waited.'

She waited, until Raynar Einridsen stumbled into the sacred circle, and placed his newborn son Caleb Mauthisen upon the altar. Filled with ire, Tuija watched the Truce take hold. In recompense, Finnegan took Tuija in, and watched her drink half a century away before she began to live again.

160 years after the curse took hold, Tuija met Caleb again, and after a while... well. For once, this is not my story to tell.

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Accomplishments & Achievements


Failures & Embarrassments


  • Being incapable of ridding herself of the Rastenivitsya curse
  • Getting struck by the curse in the first place


  • Cedar bark on her body

Mental Trauma

Rastenivitsya is a slow curse. It kills in a string of ever increasing moments, a cut here, a bruise there ambered over. While Tuija was the bravest cursed person in the Realms, the curse still took its toll on her mind. Between the curse and her abandonment by her fellows, Tuija was at one point, a broken drunk drinking copious amounts of vodka at Finnegan's table. 

It took decades for her to set down her bottle, look around and start cleaning up other people's glasses. Then wiping tables, washing cups. Pouring libations. One more purpose for the warrior at the Realm's gates. 

Personality Characteristics


To find a cure and earn her place back in Prav. To give Caleb a break.


Tuija Draganova

Wife (Important)

Towards Caleb Mauthisen



Caleb Mauthisen

Husband (Vital)

Towards Tuija Draganova




They met for a night of fun at Finn's, another warm bed for Caleb to curl into after a long.

Nicknames & Petnames

Tuyu, Cale

Commonalities & Shared Interests

The Realms, The Mystic Truce, combat.

Year of Birth
870 1147 Years old
Principality of Kiev
Caleb Mauthisen (Husband)
One amber, one blue
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Scars down the side of her face with cedar bark
180 lbs
Slavic Paganism
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • Proto-Slavic
  • Kievinsk
  • English
  • French
Ruled Locations


While a few dalliances are recorded, the most significant is Caleb Mauthisen. They took comfort in each other, in a way neither knew in others arms.


Picking up plenty of books in her thousand years of life, Tuija educated herself beyond mere battle tactics and survival and enjoyed reading in multiple languages.


During the Mystic War, Tuija was a warrior in Perun's War Band. Post-war, she became a bartender in Finnegan's Pub.

Intellectual Characteristics

Cunning and handling little to no nonsense from others, Tuija's mind was sharp as her sword.

Morality & Philosophy

Tuija was in possession of a firm sense of justice.


Getting cut.

Appears In

The Judge of Mystics Saga is a series of contemporary magic realism novels by Sapha Burnell, published by Vraeyda Literary.
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