Caleb Mauthisen

Judge Caleb Mauthisen (a.k.a. Cale)

Born on the Winter Solstice into the Realms War, Caleb Mauthisen is the only living child of Raynar Einridsen. The circumstances of Caleb's birth shattered the war-ragged Realms, placing the cosmos into a hazy ceasefire as his father, the Aesir of Wrath broke at the sight of his infant son. At the state of his deceased wife.     Laid upon the altar of the Axis Mundi , Raynar's squirming newborn silenced the sabres and reports of muskets. Magic stilled, as the leaders of the Mystic Realms stood before the child. A promise was built upon the cries, as in turn each of the Realm mothers fed the child. His first milk was Mother Mary, a cycle of goddesses joined to nursemaid the boy. Queen Hera, Parvati, Konohanasakuya-hime, Isis, Hestia, Xiwangmu and Mama Yaa took their turns. It was through this circle of women, mothers tending a motherless infant, while his father was distraught and broken in the arms of his trusted folk, the ceasefire turned into talk of a truce. The war ended, The Mystic Truce thrust upon the infant's shoulders.   The child would become the Judge of Mystics, a neutral party to mediate all disputes and staunch the blood which destroyed the Mystic Realms for centuries. Upon the Judge, they would build a world where the humans were left to themselves. The Middling Plane of Midgard without direct intervention. Only interacted with, when they called on the Realm of individual human choice.   Caleb would be both outcast and peacemaker, part of no Realm but beholden to them all.   Caleb would save them.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

The scars make the man, and Caleb has several around his body.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Judge's life was one of diligent education and separation. Beholden to no Realm, any connection he bore to one over another was seen early on to create a layer of strife. Thus, it was encouraged in those days to separate him. Reduced temptation, no familiarity in instructor or nursemaid was allowed beyond his bond with his emotionally inconsistent father.   The loneliness swelled, until the Council deemed Caleb ready to take on the task of quelling the problems Realms could or would not end themselves. His education was ferocious and oft found to work best with the threat of a bullet than with the calm of a gentle voice. Anger rippled from the Realms, shut out from their favourite playground, where the humans used to invite them, and now proclaimed them all fantasies dead on arrival.   He travelled, worked, and his family home The Hallowes fell into disrepair. It didn't matter, Caleb was perpetually busy.

Gender Identity

Caleb is a cis-male heterosexual. He's never questioned his identity, naturally flowing into the behaviours of a masculine individual.


Heterosexual, but guarded. Caleb had a long standing on-off relationship with Delilah Micheva and a romantic relationship with Tuija Draganova. Otherwise, Caleb was the epitome of 'shut down'.


Trained by a variety of Mystic Traditions & Realms, Caleb also received a formal education in Comparative Religions & was ordained as a Lutheran Minister. Caleb has a PhD in Divinities.


His work as the Judge is a full-time and constant task. There are few breaks, always another fire to put out. This does not pay in the humanocentric traditional sense. Caleb relies on the prestige of his position for housing and support when he is in various Realms, favouring bunking down in an alcove at Finnegan's Bluff Public House when he's not immediately needed.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Preventing further war from striking the Realms. Mitigating ceasefires between Fae Court & the Kami.

Failures & Embarrassments

Many more than I have pages, even if I've transformed into a digital ereader.

Mental Trauma

Isolation & constant disconnection.

Intellectual Characteristics

Shrewd for a meatsack, and full of wisdom if he'd stop for five minutes and take fika. When he is properly caffeinated (I've given up on petitioning Judge Mauthisen to get more sleep), Caleb Mauthisen is one of the most conversive and precise mammals I've met.

Morality & Philosophy

While trained by many tutors from across the Realms, Caleb chose to follow the ethics and moral stances of Jase's followers, after Jase and the Angelos continued to watch over him in the Middling Plane. While similar to the teachings of the Christian Church, Jase returns always to his words during his 3 year ministry in the ancient middle east.


Caleb Mauthisen

Lover (Important)

Towards Delilah Micheva



Delilah Micheva

Lover (Important)

Towards Caleb Mauthisen



Tuija Draganova

Lover (Important)

Towards Caleb Mauthisen



Caleb Mauthisen

Lover (Vital)

Towards Tuija Draganova




They met for a night of fun at Finn's, another warm bed for Caleb to curl into after a long.

Nicknames & Petnames

Tuyu, Cale

Commonalities & Shared Interests

The Realms, The Mystic Truce, combat.

Raynar Einridsen

father (Vital)

Towards Caleb Mauthisen



Caleb Mauthisen

son (Important)

Towards Raynar Einridsen



Current Status
Finding the Book
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
21st December
Circumstances of Birth
A raucous storm. A dead mother. A father's scream.
Masham, England
Delilah Micheva (Lover)
Tuija Draganova (Lover)
Current Residence
Cerulean Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, Freckled
219 lb
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
    While passively capable of magic translation & communication, I keep reminding him he never needs to stop and think about things, but trust in me, his trusty Book, over his century and a half, Caleb learned he possessed an ear for languages. Rather inconvenient, as it gives me less to do. Ho hum. 
  • English
  • Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Sámi
  • Old Norse, Old English
  • French, Occitane 
  • Japanese
  • Twi
  • Arabic, Coptic
  • Gaelic
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Ukrainian, Russian
  • Romani 
Ruled Locations

Appears In

The Judge of Mystics Saga is a series of contemporary magic realism novels by Sapha Burnell, published by Vraeyda Literary.
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