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Descended from the heroes of Slavic folklore, the Bogatyrs are followers of the Makoshki and supplicants who traverse the Realms between Midgard and Mat Zemlya. A boisterous and proud people, the Bogatyrs tend toward the rugged and dance with swords. 

With a Midgardian history which spanned from the Kievan Rus to the sprawling woodlands of the Baltic Sea, the Caucasus to the middle of Europe, Bogatyrs have a complicated and rich history to lean upon.  During The Mystic War, their 'burn everything' tactic trended to receive more desperate counter-attacks from the Fae. There remains no lost love between the groups, the Truce feels its flimsiest between the Fae Court and the Makoshki

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Lots of -a suffixes on feminine names.

Masculine names

Don't get many Dougs among the Bogatyrs. Far more Ivans, and Nikolais.

Family names

The feminine title for a Bogatyr is Polianitsa, although in recent decades, most ascribe to Bogatyr as a gender neutral term.


Major language groups and dialects

Slavic languages.

Foods & Cuisine

Sausage, perogies, saurkraut pies and stews, breads which defied description, eggs and varenki. Vodka, and honey wine. A faint whiff of cabbage at all times, and plenty of salt & garlic.

Coming of Age Rites

For boys, the cutting of their hair when they turned twelve was a significant coming of age rite.

Funerary and Memorial customs

It was believed for some time a large funerary pyre aided the dead in reaching Navje. One did not take their loved one through the door, in case their soul attempted to get back in the house, but through a window. Lit by the family, the funeral was accompanied by a large feast.

One's funeral was not the moment of final parting. The Dziady are said to return in spirit to Yav (what we call Midgard) from Navje a few times per year and must be properly received. 

"Oh! Daddy, can we... you know... make sure Tuija's properly received? If she's going to come back a few times each... what? I swear I'm helping."
Karisma Calebdottir
"I wish she could, baby girl. It's not that easy, not for Tuija."
Caleb Mauthisen

Common Taboos


Those warriors, who were struck with the Fae Lord's Curse were considered deceased upon infection. A horrific worry came to the Bogatyrs, that the Fae could see through the cursed eyes, that they would influence the decisions of the fellows. All but one cursed Bogatyr was slain upon the same battlefield they were struck within, as a form of mercy. Most of the bodies were burned, until the Makoshki noticed even the ashes of the dead were sprouting strange seed. 
"Who was the one? You know, you said all but one."
Karisma Calebdottir
"Tuija was too brave to die."
Caleb Mauthisen


Beauty Ideals

Strength & good grooming mean more than the proportion of one's face.

Courtship Ideals

There usually involves copious amounts of drinking and jostling about. Most Bogatyrs search for potential lovers of bravery and renown, but also those who can garden and keep a house warm in the cold winter months.

Relationship Ideals

Strength begets strength, the most important part of finding someone to love is seeking out a partner to respect. An equal, who can carry half the weight of daily living.
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