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The Middling Realm, home of humanity, post-rock tunes and pictures of food the humans eat (most of the time). I have a fondness for the Middling Plane, as a once-book now eReader, I live there and was created in the Middling Plane.

Why would a mystic book care about the Realm of Neutrality?

When all the Realms have but one place to coexist without nipping on some poor mystic realm’s toes (we tried it in the medieval ages, like the Kings of England travelling from Noble to Noble among a right mess and massive incurred debts), a Realm generally loves the local hang-out where nobody’s meant to have more power than another.

Meant being the operative word. The humans are fickle creatures, when one considers their whiles, culture and belief change so frequently. One Realm might gain more power than another, an entire continent under the swell of an ‘organized religion’ which popped up from the humans’ desire for patterns and how to claim them.


Midgard is a fascinatingly neutral place, or… it was. Something’s wrong in Midgard, echoes bounding into my pages.


You see a globe? Yes. That. Don't poison my pages with more than passing glances at pancake theories.


Hah! Enough difference there to shock and concern you, or at least it does me. How do you weather proof a book? Now eReader? I might be the Book of Knowledge, but I don’t enjoy thinking about the damp.

Ecosystem Cycles

Come back in 50 years and check again, the planet’s going a bit nuts at the moment.

Localized Phenomena

One cannot experience Midgard properly without taking special attention to the human's modes of transportation. As long as the humans have had culture, they've had a desire to expand on locomotion to the point where if I believe there is any one spiritual experience for a human being which all others might share, it's speed. Whether going at a solid run, growing an animal from its placental stage to adulthood (how many ponies!? How many!? I lost count. I know all the things, and I lost count) with hopes of riding or attaching it to things, or building mechanical devices like sleds, chariots and donkey carts, all humans at some point desire to leave wherever 'here' is to go 'there'.   Transportation is the humans' singular invention beyond all other Realms. Carts, horses, dog sleds, chariots, automobiles, trains, schooners, skiffs, triremes, longboats, palankeens, running shoes, elephants up the Alps, whirlybirds, airplanes and rockets. All humans want to get from one place to the other faster or more comfortably than another.


Goes from too cold to too hot with a few balmy, well populated places in the middle. Then, as a person gets used to the climate, depending on the season it changes.

Natural Resources

Humanity, and the wealth of technology, cuisine & copious types of cheese.


Since the beginning, the Middling Plane was our neutral ground. I grew from the bark of The Tree, a few leaves and a broken branch sheered off one day, when Mika and Uriel got into a bickering match. So maybe I missed a few days in the beginning, but all in, I’ve watched the Middling Plane the most.

The Realms which peppered about all have some sort of tie to Midgard for one major purpose: Humans live there.

Humans and their shifting sand cultures provide Realms with the courtesy of belief, which becomes a mixture of renewable energy and bragging rights for the Realms who hold the majority (or bits and bobs). Thus, the Realms squabble over Midgard like a slew of talentless ‘crave to be seen’ writers in a Los Angeles, Toronto or New York fashionable coffee shop, fighting over the last seat with both table space and charging port.

If I mentioned all the potential offshoot Realms, which ended up absorbed into larger ones, with their distinctly once popular but resoundingly pedantic ideas for ‘what humans would go for’, I’d be a much thicker book. It’s far easier to go: ‘See Interpretation Slash Alternate Spelling’ and bugger on to the next set of ‘Indo-European Deities’.

The most important primer for Midgard is its’ position as the most coveted Realm for the Mystic War. This was where the Realms fought and struggled for the lion’s share of humanity’s belief. Midgard became a battlefield for over an eon.

The Mystic War ended in 1863, on the birth of our first Judge: Caleb Mauthisen.


Not a Realm in the cosmos which doesn't have denizens clambering one time or another to come to Midgard.
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The Middling Plane, Humanville
Plane of Existence
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