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When addressing the Home Spirits who latched onto the folklore of the Slavs, one comes across the Domovoi and their Scandinavian cousins, the Nysse. Diminutive men (Domovoi are perpetually male in the gender binary sense of the term), the Domovoi can be at their best valiant protectors of the homefront. The sorts of spirits, who make sticky fingers an impossibility in their dominions. 

To those who keep a messy house, swear like sailors or keep too lean of a pantry, the Domovoi become more than a nuisance. Treat a Domovoi or their chosen domicile too poorly and Domovoi will burn it down.

Yes, Domovoi are little luck magnets or minor menaces.

Basic Information


Bipedal but diminutive, Domovoi appear like little old men with scraggle beards and clothing made of felted lint, and dyed with discarded pigments.

Genetics and Reproduction

Must I? Aside from my personal theory that Domovoi self-generate in appropriately set up domiciles, most Domovoi create little Domovoi through relations with Kikimora.

Ecology and Habitats

Domovoi are never seen out of doors, which makes me posit that they are magically generated, if the conditions are ripe for their patronage. Do they ever end up out of doors? Are Dvorovoi actually Domovoi who found their way outside?

Dietary Needs and Habits

Much like the House Hippo of Canadian Childhood Fame, the Domovoi forages in this place bipeds call 'the kitchen' and makes its meals from the scraps of food found in the Pantry and Refrigerator.    While any edible food and potable beverage will do, the majority of Domovoi enjoy the art of 'carb loading', unless the vegetable in question is wilted.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Seldom do Domovoi live within a house large enough for more than one of them to occupy the space. While Domovoi's cousin species Dvorovoi remain thoroughly out of doors or in barns, the advent of 'attached garages' created a situation where Domovoi and Dvorovoi would yank open the door between garage and house proper to yell at each other in a vaguely Slavic tongue.


The little spite machines domesticate themselves, especially if there's a chesterfield with an ottoman low enough to the ground to aide in their shimmying up for a nap.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

At their best, Domovoi are protector spirits, who not only keep a household safe from harm, but guard the possessions. They are diligent safety sages, padding proudly along the halls to ensure everything is in its place and the household is functioning without a lack of meddling mini-weights.    At their worst, Domovoi are homewreckers in the most literal sense: they will (and this is as sure as gravity on a spherical globe) burn your house down to cinder, speck and spite-pile.

Facial characteristics

Beards. Straggly, unconditioned and unclipped beards.

Average Intelligence

Garden Gnome Realness. 
"Book! Stop antagonizing the House Spirits! I'm a single Dad for heavens' sakes, I need to entice the lil'dudes to move in and help with laundry not scare them away!" Caleb Mauthisen
Remind me why petitioning Hestia or Lada is out of the question?

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

One might think the Domovoi's size would prevent their perceptions, but the little drudgery machines hear everything inside the House, and can smell a snack from opposite ends of a domicile.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

The longest beard wins.

Gender Ideals

Masculine to the extreme. Literally, there are no Domovoy women. The closest one gets is a Kikimora, or tiny broom lady who helps tidy up in the kitchen as long as she sees you making an effort.

Courtship Ideals

"Did... did you learn to shudder?" Caleb Mauthisen
Who would have thought an ancient self-transforming Book of Knowledge would learn how to incorporate a vibration function? Yes, I shuddered.

Common Etiquette Rules

Keeping the Home tidy and clean. Domovoi cannot abide a messy house.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Almost exclusively seen in Slavic or Bogatyrs households.
Scientific Name
Homo Domovoskiye
Average Height
Average Weight
20 lbs
Average Physique
An odd mixture of spindly and bulbous.
Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations
Related Ethnicities


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