Axis Mundi

Attached to each dimensional plane known as a Realm, is a single thread. Or, if accuracy be demanded, a root.

The Axis Mundi, centre of the spheres, realms, and magic planes of existence is as many cosmogonies stated throughout history: A surly and confronting tree. Built around this first emanation, the roots of the Axis Mundi sprouted outward from the initial spark of joy the Creatrix let flow with her first true laugh. 

  All known Realms but The Spheres and Ginnungagap are blessed with flora, and thus all Realms are connected to the Axis Mundi.    A place of quiet, of stone lintel and post doorways surrounds the tree, its branches wide and high and gnarled with eons lived. The tree itself has a name, identified as the masculine presence of nature's creative energies: The Green Man  Travel between Realms became possible, the most efficient and safest mode of transport through the Fae roots, which spring from the Green Man's tree. While some Realms maintained their own modes of travel, the giants and monsters of chaos roamed. Only the Fae lines promised safety and expedience.    When all one had to do to travel between dimensions was ask Finnegan for a door, why would one traipse across the Rainbow Road for half an age of man?


The Axis Mundi is less a place of firm geography as it is a connection point to all geographic potential entry points. Although to most it appears as a Public House, the Axis Mundi is a series of concentric standing stones, with lintel and post portals surrounding a massive tree.

Localized Phenomena

Finnegan's Bluff
While the reality of the Axis Mundi is a circle of lintel and pillar, of stone and moss and branches reaching to the first sun in the vault of the sky, Finnegan did some sprucing up when he took responsibility for the place. Upon the Axis Mundi is a confluence of Realm Shadows Finnegan conjured into Finnegan's Bluff Public House  Thus, most Folk live their lives only hazily aware of the significance to Finnegan's Bluff. The place to connect, the place to come in a spirit of neutrality and let hedonism reign is, in fact, the cosmic centre.    Finnegan remains one of the sacred few, who can see the Pub for what it is, a meadow and forest of concentric stone circles surrounding the original emanation & trunk of The Green Man.


Perpetually pleasant.

Fauna & Flora

The Green Man
It astounds a sapience like myself whenever something remains unquantifiable. This is the trouble with the Green Man. No matter how many reports, tests and anecdotes I receive, I cannot confirm the species, size nor even colour of the first emanation.    Of The Green Man.


Sacred to the Fae since time immemorial, the Axis Mundi was the most hotly contested node in the Mystic War. More blood was spilled in the circles of stone and root than there were rivers in Midgard. Held by Finnegan, the Axis Mundi became the crux point of most battles, and it was there the first groves of Floration victims took to their macabre roots.  
Anno Paxus
The Fae Lord known as Finnegan was given the honour and punishment of maintaining the Axis Mundi, and to make his task tolerable, created Finnegan's Bluff as party place and purgatory.


Finnegan's Pub is the most happening location in the Mystic Realms. It is everywhere and nowhere, the space between used and unseen. It steals abandoned metres and grows in size and scale dependent on the imagination and need of its denizens. In this space of mutability, Finnegan's Bluff is the endless infinity of an eternal party wrapped around the fabric of public house, discotheque, and mead hall.    While most think Finnegan merely an eccentric Fae, the truth is a much more sobering affair. So close to the Creatrix's first emanation, Finnegan's Pub is in the bubble of the original act of creation. It remains in a superimposed flux of created and unformed, and thus, eternally everything which Finnegan, and those who enter its channels and quarry, require.
An ancient tree in the middle of a stone henge.
Axis Mundi by Wombo
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Finnegan's Bluff Public House, Finn's Pub, Cosmic Axis, World Pillar, World Tree
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Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks

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