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Raynar Einridsen

Moði Einridsen (a.k.a. Raynar, Modthi, Thorson)

The Æsir quaked. Odin sought Mimir’s head for wisdom to guide them in the death of beauty. Only one phrase the ancient head murmured to the All-Father.

“Out. Send the brothers out.”

Sif cried in labour pains. The gods waited in grief to see what product came from her loins. Would he be a warrior bold, a gentle sorceress, a new beauty? The babe was small and frail, prone to wailing unceasingly.

Still Mimir’s head said,

“Out. Send the brothers out.”

Son of Abel by Sapha Burnell

Born to the Aesir the night of Loki's dart, Sif and Thor Odinson's son was a harbinger of what the Aesir & Vanir could expect of losing Beauty to death's disinterested touch.

Would he be a new Beauty? A tender doe eyed breath of relief from the winter's cold?

Unto Sif and Thor was born Wrath

Mental characteristics

Personal history

"Out, send the brothers out."
Mimir in Son of Abel by Sapha Burnell

By Sòl's first trek across Ásgard sky, Raynar's life of divinity began and concluded. Mimir was adamant, and Odin Borson obeyed without trickery or malice. Little Moði never knew Mani's lunar shine, nor heard the crack of the Asgardian wind upon the mead halls and giant's wall.

Once Moði opened his eyes, it was to Midgard's skies the blue in his irises was compared. Once Moði grew, it was to the northern reaches of Scandinavia the child called home. Raised by his older brother Magni Einridsen and the village where the wise woman saw beyond the veil, Moði lived as all young boys. Lived to become a draugr, a warrior of the long boats.

Nothing changed, they worshipped the Aesir & Vanir, and Moði heard the stories of Bilskirnir from his brother.

They were known as the Sons of Einridi, Sons of Thor for their bellow, for their strength and prowess in the clatter of battle. But the blood toll of the gods weighted heavy as sodden lumber. The carving of flesh, the sacrifices and blót crushed down on Moði's shoulders.

In 778 AD, a Christian priest washed up on shore in early winter.

Bricius of Francia wove tales of another God, a Carpenter who put himself on the sacrificial pyre and paid the blood debt for his followers. And in the mercy, in the compassion of a deity who paid the toll and debt for their world, Moði found peace.

He took the name Raynar, and converted to Christianity, preparing the small flock of norse who also converted to the Carpenter God to evacuate on the longboat they repaired over the winter months. Magni was livid.

Their battle rocked across Midgard, awakening deities and spirits across the globe to the struggle between brothers. And in the end, when Raynar's body hit the plank of their escape ship, Bricius removed his small flock. They made landfall in Francia, continued forth until they reached Byzantium. For some length of time, Raynar traversed the world learning of other cultures. Other gods.

During this period, he became personally acquainted with both Jase and Ares Mars Olympia.

Yet, Raynar was a wild thing. An avenging force of wrath upon the world. Where he trod, battles reigned. Grace was but the illusion of his desire to seep into the compassion and mercy of the Carpenter. Wherever he went, Magni followed with the clang of shield and sword. Magni would bring his brother back to Odin by whatever means he knew.

The Mystic War raged, and Raynar took to it. There were periods of peace, where he became a minister of the Carpenter and attempted domestic life. But the ragged mortality of his wives, his children scarred him. To battle did he return, until Anna Einridsen.

She was a milkmaid from a small Yorkshire hamlet. He became the parson, a military chaplain come home to The Hallowes. Their love was domestic and sweet, and Raynar found peace. Then, the Crimean War called him, and while he went to another push of the Mystic War, Anna's belly grew great with their first and only child.

Raynar came home upon word and whisper of his wife's labour pains. Riding on the sun chariot to arrive in time, Raynar rushed to see his wife and child... and the horror he witnessed, the death of his beloved Anna revealed broke him.

Consumed by mourning, Raynar bundled his infant son into his arms, and laid Caleb Mauthisen upon the Altar of the Axis Mundi. His rage and wrath shattered, quelled finally by the blood of his wife.

Raynar became the instigator of The Mystic Truce, and his son became the Judge. While Caleb grew, Raynar trained him as best he could. Once Caleb reached an age of maturity, Raynar sent Caleb to his mission and disappeared to live at the Hedonist's altar.

Mental Trauma

Abandonment & a rebellion against fate.    The death of his wife Anna, Caleb's mother left an intense and eternal mark on the man. He is not the same, nor will he recover in full from the circumstances around Anna's demise.

Personality Characteristics


To escape his ancestral call. To destroy his fated place in the cosmos.

Vices & Personality flaws

Raynar is a man of hedonism and hubris, kind when the situation warrants, but given to the pleasures of the Realms as a way of pacification.


The man has seventeen different beard oils. This should tell a body much of his hygienic priorities.




Contacts & Relations

Family Ties

The only familial tie Raynar has is to his son Caleb. While other members of the Aesir & Vanir desire a relationship with Raynar, none succeed for what I believe to be obvious reasons.

Religious Views

Strange for a divinity, Raynar converted to the worship of the Creatrix through a Theosian lens.    In human terms, Raynar is a Christian.

Social Aptitude

Charismatic and welcoming, Raynar commands any room he enters with a warm smile and open mind.


Raynar Einridsen

spouse (Vital)

Towards Anna Einridsen



Anna Einridsen

spouse (Vital)

Towards Raynar Einridsen



Raynar Einridsen

father (Vital)

Towards Caleb Mauthisen



Caleb Mauthisen

son (Important)

Towards Raynar Einridsen





Towards Raynar Einridsen


Raynar Einridsen


Towards Sif


Wealth & Financial state

Material wealth is difficult to track down with any accuracy for Raynar Einridsen. The divine man seems to lack for nothing, but carry simple wants. He is neither ostentatious nor want of much in the term of clothing, cars or lodging.    Whether Raynar has wealth of any means is a mystery.

Divine Domains

Wrath & Anger


An array of weapons and shields.

Holy Books & Codes

No holy books were writ for the Æsir of Wrath, no totems or statues placed in mead halls.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Sword. The Axe. The Gauntlet.

Tenets of Faith

Those who follow the Æsir of Wrath are vicious and capable pugilists. Folk, who go to battle as sacrament, and fight as prayer.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To destroy that which needs to be torn down. To incite rage and the potency of wrath.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Anna Einridsen (spouse)
Known Languages
  • Old Norse
  • Proto-Germanic
  • Scandinavian Dialects (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish)
  • Sámi
  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Latin
  • Twi
  • Ukrainian
  • Hellax

Gender Identity

Male to the nth. Raynar has never questioned his cis-male gender.




Ending the eons of fighting in the Mystic War.

Intellectual Characteristics

Well read, but built for physicality, Raynar might have certain wisdom in his bones... but the intelligence factor is... wanting at times.

Morality & Philosophy

Raynar maintains the moral stance of the Theosian devotees.

Appears In

The Judge of Mystics Saga is a series of contemporary magic realism novels by Sapha Burnell, published by Vraeyda Literary.
Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks

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