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The denizens and followers of The Spheres. A collection of inhuman fourth (and beyond) dimensional beings, which battle in eternal churn within a framework of interlocked spheres.   We've heard it said. Angels and demons. Djinn, daevas, cherubs and seraphim, throne rooms with holy choruses. A significant amount of world religions stemmed from interpretations of the Theosians and their messages with the Middling Plane. As an inanimate object, I believe in my unique capacity to see why so many disparate and divergent religions stemmed from fourth dimensional beings lacking in corporeal bodies. One cannot see a Theosian without being caught in the enigma of masked bipedal presentations worn like clothes over the indescribable.   Eyes, from a third dimensional perspective, were not meant to take in the upper dimensional form of Theosians without assistance. It creates a dissonance some view as holiness, and others, as devilry.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

One might argue the naming conventions of the Eurocentric and Middle Eastern cultures of Midgard are a reflection of the Theosian naming conventions, not the other way round. Names like Michael, Gabriel, Ahura Mazda, Azrael, even Mary are reflections of the Theosian emanation.

Family names

As Theosians have no familial structure like that of humanity, a 'family name' or surname is often a difficult concept. While some in the guise of humanity choose something indicative of their profession, still others choose some form of aspirational surname. Glory, Mercy, Compassion. Contempt.


Major language groups and dialects

  • Enocian 
  • Sumerian
  • Hebrew
  • Interpretive Wing Flutter Dance

Culture and cultural heritage

The Theosian The Spheres are a conglomerate of upper dimensional beings and their holdings. Culture can be specific to the many interlocking spheres, instead of an exhaustive list (human life is too short), I shall abridge the various cultures thusly: 
  • Angelic 
  • Demonic

Average technological level


Common Etiquette rules

Flight paths and steering through one's own Sphere instead of taking the shorter ways round.

Common Dress code

Dress, like gender, is something a Theosian temporarily inhabits, when in another Realm.

Foods & Cuisine

"No!" Karisma Calebdottir
  I almost wish I were capable of telling jokes or spinning lies.  
"ASMR! For realsies!?" Karisma Calebdottir
  But, as the repository for all knowledge of any Realm I'm ever in, I cannot tell a lie. Theosians exist and sustain their existence based on... sound. This must be why they're perpetually in a repetitive musical.   
"We talking Hamilton or Technicolour Dream Coat?" Karisma Calebdottir
  Sacred music.  
"Aaah. Kinky Boots... don't tell Dad I know that exists." Karisma Calebdottir
  Karisma Lily Calebdottir, of all the bits of information in the entire vault of copious Realms, the fact you know the musical Kinky Boots is the least surprising for the man.  
Confronted teen mumbling. Karisma Calebdottir

Common Taboos


Historical figures

  • Elijah 
  • Ahura Mazda 
  • Moses 
  • Lucifer 
  • Jase 
  • Mika 
  • Gabe 
  • Raphael 


Beauty Ideals

I hear red tipped feathers are in this millennia. I do favour a red bookmark ribbon myself, tis a shame future upgrades might make little silk bits of ribbon obsolete.

Gender Ideals

Theosian fauna such as the angelics and the demons have no gender identity, as sexual reproduction is not a method of duplication. Thus, when in The Spheres, Theosians are completely asexual and agender. When travelling throughout other Realms, Theosians tend to inhabit androgynous forms, but for the odd exception such as Jase, Elijah and Moses.

Courtship Ideals

In the majority of Realms, courtship is generally a sensual affair. Something meant to aide in choosing procreative partners, or to bond for varying lengths of time (usually life). As the natural Theosian is devoid of both gender, and sexual appetite (there is no need for sexual pleasure in entities of purely spiritual energy), there is no courtship ritual.   While Theosians have been tangentially involved in cases of parthenogenesis (read: Jase), there remains no firm idea of courtship, outside of Theosians who, like the Watchers of the Nephilim, forsake their Realm and spend the rest of infinity banished, incapable of returning without the loss of their chosen inhabitation.

Relationship Ideals

There are many kinds of love. Theosians focus naturally on companionship based on mutual frequency and wavelength, on how they synchronize. Great friendships span minor infinities, within the bastion of the Spheres. Likewise, great hatreds, when one sees things from the demonic point of view.
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The Judge of Mystics Saga is a series of contemporary magic realism novels by Sapha Burnell, published by Vraeyda Literary.
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