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Ares Mars Olympia

Ares Mars Olympia (a.k.a. Enyalios, Enuwarijo, Mars Ultor, Mars Gradivus, Mars Quirinus, Mars Grabovius, Mars Pater, Mars Silvanus, Augustus, Tyr)

Who would have thought War was a nice man? Perhaps nice is the wrong word, and genuine is better fitting. What words I have within my pages for Ares vary in monumental ways, from caustic villain and cause of all problems in the Realms, to champion of the downtrodden, Ares has more disparate tales told than any other I yet encountered.

If blame was to be laid at any feet, it would be at Athene Minerva Olympia's in those early Hellene days, for she despised her brother and main competition for Heir of Olympus. While his mother sat upon her Queenly throne, Athene's was eaten alive by their father Zeus Olympia in fear of a son mighty enough to destroy him. A daughter though... the threat diminished but for Hera's first-born. Not that others venerated Ares out of fealty rather than fear for some time, he is a mighty and violent god.

Ares is the god of the common man, the god of might to defend one's family and home. The god of battle-clang and shield strike. The father of Rome, as Venus is the mother.

While pleasant when at his leisures, Ares is not harmless.

He is the shield blow and the battle axe and the roar and the silence ringing in shaken ears. As perilous as the desperation of defending one's life. As firm in his defiance of Olympian tradition as his father was firm in taking whatever loins he wanted.

Ares is his mother's son and that beyond all else, is why I think the Olympians viewed him with hatred.

Divine Domains



Swords & Shields. Weapons of multiple design. The wolf and bear.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Sword and Shield. The Pilum and Spear.
The Wolf. The Bear. The Eagle. 

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To incite courage, to take up arms and defend those who cannot defend themselves, or destroy despots, who misuse others.    To love fiercely.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strapping, muscular and gargantuan in height, Ares is a tireless fitness aficionado for multiple reasons: 
  1. His spouses have more stamina than a dozen marathon runners.
  2. His children enjoy training with their father. 
  3. He has to fit his armour. 
  4. Working out and training on a heavy bag is one of the best ways for Ares to get out his natural frustrations, while remaining capable of compassion. 
Harmonia Ourania-Areia even got the deity to try pole dancing once. Hephaestus needed to custom craft the pole hefty enough to keep his frame from crashing and 'going viral'.

Body Features

Scars, burns & bright ginger hair.

Facial Features

Perpetually sporting some form of five o'clock shadow, thick eyebrows and a piercing stare.

Physical quirks

He cracks his neck and waggles his fingers, when he's nervous.

Special abilities

The Olympian of War exudes courage and might, pushing all within his presence to rise up for their beliefs. Unchecked, his natural charisma has the capacity to create fanatics, and has for eons. When he sets his mind to a goal, there is little in the Cosmos which could prevent him from bulldozing into the task.    Ares has a preternatural ability to understand battle tactics, weaponry (even those weapons he's never before seen), and to gauge proficiency in combat. While some might call it magic, others call it boredom and eons of education in the pugilistic arts.

Apparel & Accessories

The man lives in combat trousers and long-sleeve compression shirts, unless he's at the family compound in which case he prefers the chiton and sandals of his Grecian youth.

Specialized Equipment

Shield, sword, spear, and a conglomerate's worth of high tech gadgets, smartphones, SUVs, firearms and a BBQ pit to make a pitmaster cry.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Of the myths and legends told about Ares, many include a series of familial humiliations. The Olympians hated him, first-born son of Zeus and Hera. All upon the Mount hated Ares, but his mother and sister Hebe. All but Eris, who saw him as part of her vicious discordant games.

Until Aphrodite came.

Aphrodite alone loved Ares fiercely, and together they became outcasts among the gods. Love and War.

Once Olympus faded, and the Romans took root, Ares under the guise of Mars became mightier than his lofty father. The common man, who was nary a thought to the Olympians, became the backbone of the Roman Empire, and Mars was their god. The men prayed for courage and the women for safety or vengeance. 

Who could sacrifice to Zeus-Jupiter but Kings and Princes?

This new vigour carried Mars into the middle ages, where he travelled Midgard with his retinue of loyal children & followers. They battled their way across the Realms, choosing conflicts which required rectification. He ventured to the Scandinavian reaches, and for some time inhabited the position and embodiment of Tyr. It was in this foray to the North Ares met the Brothers Einridsen, Magni Einridsen and Raynar Einridsen.

For centuries, Ares and his battle-brother Raynar traversed the Realms, spreading the destruction of faulty systems. Wrath and War fomented battle, and where they left folk began anew. In this time, Ares won the resurrection of his consort and companion Leonidas, and the relationship between Raynar & Ares strained. Raynar finally ventured away from Ares, when Aphrodite granted him a new family. It was a contented parting, and they left on good terms.

"You try sharing a war tent with love-birds."

"You sure it didn't have anything to do with Leonidas and Ares being men?"

"Hey, it was the 1750's, of course it did. I was confused for a long time, but eventually saw sense. Sent them a wedding present, when they tied the knot. People's opinions change over time, I'm not gonna deny part of me wasn't an ally until Jase took me by the shoulder and shook the nonsense away. I get it now, and I apologized for being a massive dick years ago." 

"Good. 'Cause they invited us to Pride."

"Ooo! I'll get the flags!"

Raynar & Caleb

As the Mystic War raged on, Ares continued to change the course of battles, until a raven swooped into his war tent in the Crimea with a message. Raynar's wife was expecting, and needed Hera & Artemis, while Raynar needed his friend. Ares dropped his weapons and rushed to Raynar's side in time for tragedy to strike.

Upon seeing the neonate Caleb Mauthisen and holding his friend back from his grief, Ares was the first to call a ceasefire.

He offered to take the babe home, but at risk of starting another bought of fighting when the Aesir & Vanir contested the act, Ares put his sword and shield to the creation of The Mystic Truce.

Gender Identity

Thought to be the consummate masculine energy of the universe.   While Ares is cis-male, he considers masculinity from the perspective of the gender spectrum, not the gender binary, which ravaged the world and caused grief to his loved ones over the eons.


Pansexual and polyamorous.

Yes, the consummate masculine energy of the universe is queer. Aphrodite and Leonidas are his consorts, does this surprise you?


While he left the formal education to his sister Athene Minerva Olympia, Ares never stopped improving his mind through reading and experience.


Ares owns a multinational conglomerate dedicated to research, development and security. Mercenary force and front for Hephaestus & Athene's many projects, Kopis Industries has offices across the Middling Plane and offers employment to Mystic Folk, who wish to stay in Midgard while following the Truce's No-Magic rules.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Saving Alcippe.

Failures & Embarrassments

The damned jar.

Mental Trauma

Centuries of abuse to both him and his mother Hera from his father and family left their mark on Ares. While capable of gentle action and compassion, he is a ferocious protector quick to reach for his gun or kopis. Due to the near loss of his children, when Zeus married the pregnant Aphrodite off to Hephaestus, Ares is especially defensive of his offspring, and intensely protective of children, women and single parents. 

Due to the nature of his upbringing, Ares has engaged the services of a therapist for over a century, and swears by various forms of therapy to mitigate damage, heal and come closer to family & friends.

Ares gives philanthropically to charities who focus on mental health for veterans and men, who might otherwise attempt to be 'too tough to cry'. Part of this philanthropy has included Ares taking on mentees, and stepping into situations where a strong arm might be needed to resolve situations without further harm.

Intellectual Characteristics

A strategist, when not beset by his radical temper, Ares put his mind toward learning ways around the ban on magic in the Middling Plane. The god studied so hard, he no longer feels a detriment but an advantage while on Midgard's pathways.

The one thing Ares continually misunderstands is art, leaving art appreciation to his wife and children and doing the positively intelligent thing of smiling, nodding, and purchasing the appropriate prints in the museum/gallery gift shops.

Morality & Philosophy

It is a man's place to protect those who require it, learn from those with wisdom, teach those who desire it, and stand with a proud bearing no matter if they be pauper, peasant or king. A man must know how to ease the lives of those around him, construct or call in those with better talents, to know where his limitations lie. 

He must recognize his eternal state of learning, and continue to grow as both student and eventual teacher. Learning comes from any quarter, and a man must never be too proud to grow or accept mistakes and rectify them.

He must be generous with his love and affection, understanding love of all kinds, stern but merciful in his discipline (especially self-discipline), and encourage others to take on challenges, for he will celebrate their successes and soothe their failures before helping them re-evaluate and try again.

To be a man is to be guarded when in enemy territory, but open and vulnerable with family and friends. It is to trust deeply but slowly, and to use one's strength to lift others from the mire.

Manhood is capable with spear and sword, but does not rely on them until wisdom and talk is exhausted. But when one finds something to fight for, he does not hesitate.

To be a man is to recognize when his strength is failing, and coming to those he trusts for healing and help. He is not always mighty. There is no chore or honest work beneath him, while there is also no task too austere for him to deny asking for aid when he requires it.

Courage, bravery, might, strength, these are not masculine traits, but skills for all to aspire to in their way. As such, a man teaches his children regardless of gender, as much as he can in the skills he knows, filling in the gaps in his knowledge with encouragement for others to learn at their pace.

He defends the rights of others, regardless of their differences as long as they do not cause harm. He engages in activities which scare him, at least once, because he knows it's impossible to have an informed opinion without either experience or asking for the experience of others.

"And for the sake of everything holy, realize even the manliest person has a feminine side, and the Cosmos is better off when you let yourself enjoy it! Can we move past this idea there's only one kind of strength? Make the world a better place. Go be a student of something, watch a drag show, experiment, listen to the women in your life, and when the little girl you raise wants to learn how to punch mooks while wearing glitter eyeshadow and bright lipstick, buy her the lipstick and have fun with it. The more people in this Realm see men of all kinds being confident in themselves and accepting of others, the better the universe will get."

"You done?

"No. That girl of yours needs to know her father's not grossed out by the fact she is one. If she wants to kick ass in a tennis skirt, yoga pants, or dude-jeans, don't pass judgement. You night not swing one way or another, it doesn't matter. Whatever she's into or thinks she's into, your job is to encourage, discover and accept. As long as it's not causing her harm. Even then, when she inevitably messes up, grab a freaking tissue box and her favourite ice cream and deal. It might not seem giant to you, Judge, but to her it's half the world until she can laugh about it. Whether it's listening to heavy metal, trying new snacks, painting each other's nails, or helping her with that firm left hook? Educate and prepare thyself. Ask for help. Creating an environment where Karisma feels safe to explore, make mistakes and learn from them is your job. Even if it means calling in the experts."

"I am out of my depth in so many ways it's tragic."

"Welcome to fatherhood, what do you need first? I'll get the dishes if you sweep, we tackle the kitchen now, we'll have time for coffee and a strategic planning session."

"She wrote a list. Here."

"......... yep! Time to call my wife... Hey, Dite you busy? Help!"

Ares & Caleb


Misogyny. Homophobia. Toxic Masculinity.


Family Ties

The Areosides
The closest ties Ares has are with his loyal inner circle, the Areosides. While genetic ties to either himself or Aphrodite (or both in the case of their children & descendants) are usual, the divine couple have been known to adopt. 
Hera Juno Olympia

When Zeus was deposed, and Olympus no longer had a King upon its throne, many thought Ares would take his 'rightful place' upon the holy Mountain. With fanfare he ventured up the mountainside, dressed in his finest armour with his polished helm under his arm, Ares walked into the Hall of the Gods. Upon reaching the throne, he reached for his mother's hands, pulled her up from her Consort seat, and set her in her proper place. Hera, Queen of the Olympian Gods sits still upon the Heaven's Throne confident in her son's expression of loyalty. He is, after all, a Mama's Boy.

Mother and son remain close.

Hephaestus Vulcan Olympia
Downright combative in their youth, time mellowed the anger between brothers. Through the efforts of his son Eros, Ares eventually came to take Hephaestus' apology as genuine, and now has an amicable relationship with his brother. It helps Ares gave Hephaestus the seed money to start his motorcycle tuning business.
Athene Minerva Olympia
Another former enemy, Ares and Athene came to a hesitant forgiveness in the middle ages, when Ares used his clout to help Athene set herself up as a professor at the University of Bologna. While not emotionally close, Ares continues to provide for Athene's luxuries, those things she cannot afford through her professorial income, or the patents royalties under her name. In recent years, Ares and Athene attempt not to butt heads over the care of Icarus & Leander, the Resurrection grandchildren of his beloved Alcippe Areia.
Artemis Diana Olympia

Unlike other Olympians, Artemis and Ares had a bond from the first days of Artemis' life. Outcasts by nature, both siblings hunted and practiced archery together, Ares often running interference so Artemis could go further into the wilds. Upon notice of his sister's loneliness, he asked his beloved daughter Alcippe Areia if she would enjoy a life away from Man's World with her Aunt. Alcippe accepted gladly, taking to life as Artemis' right hand with aplomb. Soon, to ensure his sister and daughter were both protected and joyful, Ares fathered the first Amazons to act as companions and wild women.

Although Artemis and Alcippe seldom leave the land preserve Ares purchased for them to maintain their distance from greater society, the siblings still converse freely.

Artemis is the closest person Ares has to a best friend.

His first-born daughter, with an Athenian princess, Alcippe holds a special place in her father's heart. He defended her when she called for him, and fathered a tribe of sisters - Amazons - for her and Artemis to never be alone. While they seldom see each other in person anymore, Alcippe is always a call away.
Eros Areides-Ouranov

His firstborn son, Ares could not be more proud of what Eros accomplishes if he tried. While it might seem strange for the Olympian of War to extol the virtues of a reproductive specialist, who presents as non-binary, Ares loves and cherishes his eldest child. Eros remains one of the few people in Ares' life who can yell at the man, and tell Ares off for being a dumbass.

Deimos Areides & Phobos Areides

Twins born of Aphrodite's panic and Ares' fear when they were bound by Hephaestus, Deimos and Phobos are terrifying figures who fill the Realms with fright. They also adore their father, and Ares ensures the twins are never bored. The most loyal people in Ares' life, Phobos and Deimos remain eternally devoted to their father's mission.

Social Aptitude

Due to the nature of his powers, Ares is not one to engage in social settings with mass amounts of people. It's best if he watches frivolity from afar, and concentrates on his family and close-knit friends. When in the presence of others, Ares is a man of impcecable manners... until someone gets him angry.

Hobbies & Pets

Ares raises war hounds, a breed of his own design descended from ancient Roman breeds & the Cane Corso. His home pack is gigantic, including dogs rescued from various battlefields across Midgard. Cats he sends to Bast in the Kehmeti reaches, while dogs and wolves are his to enjoy.    Aside from his beloved pets, Ares enjoys martial arts, ATVing, watching sports (especially Hockey and Soccer), and copious amounts of sex.    No really, the consort of Aphrodite is a sex fiend? Who could possibly make that deduction? A confirmed polyamorous pansexual, Ares engages in nymphomaniacal amounts of sensual situations with his spouses Aphrodite & Leonidas, and any they deem passable to join them for a while. Consent is King.


A mighty but warm basso voice. When he yells, his voice carries beyond the mountains or across oceans.


Aphrodite Venus Ourania


Towards Ares Mars Olympia


Ares Mars Olympia


Towards Aphrodite Venus Ourania


Leonidas Olympia


Towards Ares Mars Olympia


Ares Mars Olympia


Towards Leonidas Olympia


Alcippe Areia

Daughter (Vital)

Towards Ares Mars Olympia



Ares Mars Olympia

Father (Important)

Towards Alcippe Areia



Ares Mars Olympia

lover (Trivial)

Towards Aglaulus




lover (Important)

Towards Ares Mars Olympia



Athene Olympia

Sister (Important)

Towards Ares Mars Olympia



Ares Mars Olympia

Brother (Important)

Towards Athene Olympia



Wealth & Financial state

Over the centuries, Ares was judicious in the procurement of enough wealth to grow into a multinational business and invest in the interests and concerns of his close family. He is fantastically wealthy, a wealth he shares generously with the Areosides, his sister Artemis Diana Olympia and her Amazons, and sets aside in funds for Athene, Hephaestus, and the care of their father Zeus.    Someone had to pay for the old codger's elder care.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Leonidas Olympia (Spouse)
Aglaulus (lover)
Athene Olympia (Sister)
Current Residence
Sharp Blue
Dark Auburn
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Olive Tanned
275 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations

Appears In

Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks


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