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Icarus Areides

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Dr. Icarus Areides, PhD (a.k.a. Daedalus' Boy, Waxy, waxwing)

Reincarnation is an intrinsic belief in myriad cultures represented in the human population of Midgard. The Hellene Age was no different. Most ancient Greeks believed they would die, be buried properly by relatives, and if they were decent enough or memorable enough, be reincarnated by the Chthonic with no memory of their previous existence. While most who knew the dour sting of death brought with it an eternity in the doldrums of the Underworld, the few worthy went to Elysium. The same Elysium neither sibling got to see, after they drowned in the Aegean.   When Icarus and Lou were not reincarnated but resurrected (Resurrection), a rare occurrence indeed, their anecdotal information of death without entry to the Underworld included such terminology as 'eggshell white' and 'greige'. Translation was required.  

"Sunset yellow."

"I raise you greige."

"Nah, worse than greige... eggshell white. I would rather watch eggshell white paint dry on a wall than go to Elysium."

"Oooo Caru! Right for the eggshell! Nuclear, total nuclear." Lou shook his head as he shuffled the deck of cards, and started dealing two hands.

"These two always like this?" Caleb quirked an eyebrow, as Ares leaned against the wall with a smirk and a shake of his head.

"Since the day they realized we weren't going to cast them back for what their father did. Eh! They're good kids, Lou takes after his grandmother more than any..."

Book of Revels by Sapha Burnell
    Alas, Icarus and their brother Leander's resurrected shades were won by Athene Minerva Olympia from Persephone Kore Chthonia in a game of high stakes Texas Hold'em.   Athene was trying to win the shade of their legendary inventor father Daedalus, who tricked the gods into releasing his beloved eldest son Leander and the genius Icarus instead. Anything to get his children out of Melinoë's clutches. Anything to take Icarus from the cracks of a perpetually young, over-burdened mind.   Rage nigh infinite, Athene was only quelled when she realized Icarus had their father's genius, and Leander, who chose the name Lou, was the perfect proportion of brawn on his frame to be a gift to her estranged brother Ares Mars Olympia.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Hedonism seemed to be the method of Icarus' early adulthood when it came to snack foods. The youth happens to carry a few extra kilos. They'd be even larger if not for Lou picking them up by the scruff of their neck and tossing them into the gym.

Physical quirks

When bored or intrigued and lost in thought, Icarus taps his heel and his fingers.

Special abilities

One of the most intuitive hackers in the Realms, Icarus understands the base code of technology in a way few if any humans possibly could. Given another thousand generations, and there still might not be a mind like Icarus Areides and for the knowledge in my pages I cannot fathom if this is a benefit or a curse.

Apparel & Accessories

Is this youth ever seen without a hoodie? Likely not.

Specialized Equipment

A custom rigged computer deck courtesy of Athene and Hephaestus. Included are all the sound systems, and rudimentary holograms the kid is working on to supplement his AI drives.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Icarus was born in the 15th century BC, to Daedalus and a mother whose name was lost to history. She died in childbirth and no stories or songs were written of her aside from those Daedalus told his children. In truth, she was a slave sent down to the labyrinth to serve Daedalus and do the washing. Daedalus did not deign to learn more than the moniker given her by the Queen, who sent her to the lamp-dark. Raised within the Labyrinth in Crete alongside their beloved older brother Leander, Icarus took to her father's craftsmanship and cunning. The child had a knack for Daedalus’ hubris, too.   During Daedalus' escape, wings of wax and feathers strapped to his children, the twelve year old Icarus ignored warnings against flying too high. They soared and flapped their arms, feeling the wind stroke across their skin for the first time. The warmth of the sun for the first time.   And then a trickle. A stream of warmth down the back, flicking up their arms and away. The waxen wings were melting!   Caught in a tailspin, Icarus hit the Aegean. Yet, she was not alone in the dour reaches of the Underworld. Leander dove into the Aegean to save her, and wrapped around each other, they drowned. Hermes took the siblings' shades to the river Acheron and left them in line for Charon’s ferry with a few whispers and then nothing.   Without funerary rites performed, neither Icarus nor Leander has the coin to pay the ferryman. They wandered listless. Tried to challenge Cerberus, attempted and failed to sink low enough to steal another shade's coins. When their options were exhausted, they joined Melinoë and her roaming horde of nightmares. Icarus took to the horrors too well, their mind cracking after too long in the dark. So the hidden female listened to her brother’s stories, and imagined what it would be to live.   A new life was a further master class in their father's trickery. The Olympian Athene wanted to return Daedalus to the Middling Plane, to aide in her research. She challenged Persephone to a game of chance, and risking her beloved owl in the hand, gambled for the man's shade. Daedalus tricked her into releasing instead, both of his children. The world was as strange and confounding as Icarus imagined in the long dark of labyrinth and underworld, but she was not alone.   Icarus and Lou (Leander) are inseparable. Each fulfilling functions for the Hellene gods. Icarus designs and tests artificial intelligences, and works as a hacker for Athene. Lou works directly under Leonidas and Ares Mars Olympia, as an Enomotarch in their mercenary force.

Gender Identity

While presenting predominantly masculine, Icarus takes an androgynous approach. Born female, and hidden in the labyrinth by Daedalus and her brother Leander, Icarus learned the ancient world was no place for a female with her father's ideas and skill craft. Afraid his child would be taken to the Court above once she was old enough, or worse, treated like her deceased mother whose face he was guilty of being incapable of remembering, Daedalus crafted their escape.   Trained from childhood to pretend masculinity, Icarus is much more comfortable with 'they/them' pronouns, and a masculine presentation to the point most assume Icarus is male. Eight years into their emancipation from 3,500 years in the nightmarish Acheron limbo, Icarus still believes it's easier to hide, and attempts to keep their womanhood a listless secret.


As a present for Icarus' 19th birthday, Aphrodite showered them with the ability to discern which potential lovers were compatible, and how any relationship could develop and end. Icarus is pansexual. As of 2017, they preferred unattached one-night-stands or small flings, until they met the blissful Fae Changeling.   Aphrodite is infinitely proud of her great-grand-step-child, and how they respect consent.


Once back in the Middling Plane, Icarus glutted on discoveries since their father’s day. Talking an interest in the sciences, Icarus studied physics, chemistry and computer engineering in university under Athene’s direct tutelage. This tutelage included philosophy, music composition and biology.   Icarus dove into post-doctoral research in artificial intelligence development, pairing their natural genius with a breath of sympathetic magic. Not enough to tip the Truce, but a little cantrip once in a while... a bit of luck... it wouldn't be so bad.


Icarus remains indebted to Athene Minerva Olympia, to act as her third in command & chief programmer. The owl is still their direct superior. To say they enjoy their work is the understatement of the last three eons.   There is nothing in all the Realms Icarus loves more than their brother and their work. A close third would be their AI’s. People? Forty-seventh.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Creating Myrmidon.AI Seeing a sunrise and sunset in the same day, without dying.  
Receiving their PhD by age 18, and defending their thesis in a tailored italian suit.

Failures & Embarrassments

Dying in the first place.  
Having a panic attack in Lou's celebratory symposium. Needing to be carried to bed like a child, by Ares that one time.

Mental Trauma

Melting wax. Loud noises. Large bodies of water.

Intellectual Characteristics

A genius by all accounts, Icarus is crucial to the Olympian cause, and the originator with Athene & Hephaestus, of the majority of the Olympian advanced technology.    Cunning, obsessive and protective of his work, Icarus has all the makings of either a megalomaniac or a cloistered genius. Thus far it seems cloistered genius is winning out.    Good. I admit to a certain fondness for this meat bag of bones.

Morality & Philosophy

Although intellectually trained in philosophy by Athene, Icarus' own views on morality and ethics remain a mystery to all but Lou.


Wax play. Water.  Discussing the labyrinth. Death.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Tapping their heels and fingers when upset, overwhelmed or in deep thought. Hiding their face and hair with their hood. Severe agoraphobia.  

"But why wouldn't they come? I invited them and everything."

"The kid's agoraphobic, sweetheart. They break out in hives whenever they leave familiar ground."

"Uuugh, how is Icarus gonna make friends if they stay by themself the whole time!?"

"By clicky-tapping at a keyboard every time another instant message pops up. C'mon, Kari, these balloons won't fill themselves."

"Coming, Dad... the one Folk guy who plays video games and they won't even come to a gamer party. Uuuugh life is hard!"

Ginnungagap by Sapha Burnell


If it's any indication of hygiene, Icarus made 49 attempts to invent water-less showers.


Contacts & Relations

Various contacts across the Realms, from the Theosian Raphael, to Falcons, Fae and comic collectors.

Family Ties


The closest connection Icarus has in the Realms is with his brother Lou. The two are symbiotic in their behaviours, sharing living accommodations, time, space and switching to the ancient dialect of Mycenaean Greek they spoke as children to avoid conversations overheard by others.   


Little did Athene remember, when she pulled the brothers out, Daedalus was the son of Ares' precious demi-god daughter Alcippe Olympia. Icarus & his brother Leander are the great-grandchildren of Ares. Cursed with his father's face, Icarus held little of Alcippe's physical countenance but the eyes, yet for all Icarus lacked of their famous great-grandfather, Leander kept the family traits.    When Icarus and Leander were first resurrected, Ares took immediate interest in seeing them raised properly. After all, Icarus was only twelve when he died, Leander a tender sixteen. While Icarus was tutored by Athene, he and Lou were given the family name Areides as symbol of Ares asserting his desire the boys knew of their heritage.  


While stern and rational to a fault, Athene does hold a sort of care for the boy. In her way, at least.

Religious Views

"After spending a timeless eternity along the river of pain and being resurrected by Persephone, what, you think? Loyal Hellene. All the way."
Icarus Areides

Social Aptitude

Icarus doesn't know many people. The lad is well versed in knowledge of others, but has such terrible interpersonal skills, he lives mostly devoid of all contact with others, but Athene, Ares, Aphrodite, Lou and whomever Lou says is 'ai'ight'. Lou keeps a fierce eye on any who come near his brother, protective to a fault.


Awkward pauses, uncontainable enthusiasm in points of interest, and scorn to anyone he cannot understand.

Hobbies & Pets

Pookums, the Pomeranian.  Nimba, the War Hound.


A present stutter in social situations, or when uncomfortable.


Icarus Areides

Sibling (Vital)

Towards Lou Areides



Lou Areides

Brother (Vital)

Towards Icarus Areides




Siblings, who died for each other once, and will again.

Nicknames & Petnames

Icarus is the only human, who can get away with calling Lou 'Leander' without getting punched in the jaw... aside from Leonidas, that is.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Hedonistic life.

Shared Secrets

Their father's whispers.

Alcippe Areia

grandmother (Trivial)

Towards Icarus Areides



Icarus Areides

grandson (Vital)

Towards Alcippe Areia



Athene Olympia

Great-Great Aunt (Vital)

Towards Icarus Areides



Icarus Areides

Great-Great Nephew (Vital)

Towards Athene Olympia



Wealth & Financial state

A member of Ares' extended family, Icarus has access to expense accounts in any currency he prefers. As long as they don't trip the daily limits, they have access to a medium-sized stipend per month.
Current Status
Scoping Algorithms
Current Location
20 (3,505)
Circumstances of Death
Waxen Wings & the Sun Chariot
Place of Death
The Aegean Sea
Lou Areides (Brother)
Chin Length Raven
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
199 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots
Known Languages
  • Ancient Greek & Linear B
  • English
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Hellax
Ruled Locations


To be useful enough to keep. To hide.
  • Driving Vehicles
  • Computers
  • Video Games
  • Cooking
  • Lou
  • Wine
  • Video Games
  • Symphonic Death Metal
  • Mars (the planet)
  • Silence
  • The sound of waves crashing
  • Summer heat
  • Fish (it's the bones)
  • Country Music


  • Psychedelics
  • Nymphomania


  • Hubris
  • An incapacity to see the vast total of humanity


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