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The Fae Lands

The eternal garden, place of plant life & mischief.

1246 words

Icarus Areides

The resurrected technological genius in charge of keeping the Olympians ahead of their time.

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Axis Mundi

The connection point of all Realms. A crotchety old tree.

858 words


The loyal family & companions of Ares and Aphrodite.

468 words


A mortal lover of Ares, mother to Alcippe. RIP

409 words

Stellar Ascended

Humans found worthy enough or required an apology large enough to be immortalized in the stars.

459 words

Alcippe Areia

Daughter of Ares, powerful misandrist right hand of Artemis.

1275 words

Raynar Einridsen

Wrath defined, he who gave up his birthright. Father of the Judge.

1673 words

World Ember 2022

World Ember 2022 articles!

323 words

Cormac of the Willow

The Firestarting Dissident of the Fae Court.

626 words

Eros Areides-Ouranov

The Olympian of Love, Dr. Baby Maker.

1600 words


Beige & Faded Green... Asphodel is the Land of 'Ehh'.

265 words

The Mystic Truce

979 words


Anaduomenê, Goddess Who Surfaced from Foam. A Character Study in Aphrodite's voice.

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Love, The War-Like

973 words

Finnegan's Bluff Public House

The Pub, where all Realm Travel originates. Also great pints on Tuesdays.

986 words

Ares Mars Olympia

Olympian of War, Heir of Olympus & Mama's Boy.

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Gaps & Firelight Vigils

"But what happened to the cow?" A few deities and never ending beer by the fireside.

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“Sapha is like a young Wolfgang Pauli, in every laboratory he went, there was a little explosion.” Cyberpunk/magic realism author & poet Sapha Burnell’s works (Usurper Kings, Son of Abel & Neon Lieben) were dubbed “jaw-droppingly beautiful”, “an insane, diabolical, kick-ass rollercoaster” and “hauntingly beautiful”. Literary critic Ella J said of Neon Lieben, “I never thought a science fiction story could be so beautiful”.

Sapha writes on the interlock between mysticism, mythology and science with a pugilist’s eye. The product of Vancouver’s multiculturalism, Sapha steeped in divergent cultures, religious experiences and gender roles, until battling with traditional opinions became a daily war.

On hiatus from the written word, she volunteered in West Africa, and returned to Canada with an international perspective. As an editor & literary theorist, Sapha’s work focuses on comparative mythology & the ethics of futurism.

On Twitch, Sapha critiques prose twice a week, and writes online once. A member of The Writers Union of Canada, Sapha lives in BC with their spouse and speaks on gender roles, cyberpunk, martial arts, comparative mythology, wine education & religion, when the #hallowesfam isn’t chatting it up on discord or twitch.

Interests & Hobbies

Martial Arts, Mythology, Comparative Religions, Transhumanism, The Ethics of Technology

Favorite Movies

Gladiator (Directors Cut), The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Metropolis, Star Trek First Contact

Favorite TV Series

Lower Decks, Fraggle Rock, The Grand Tour, Tudor Monastery Farm, Mushi Shi, Lucifer, Hogans Heroes, Fringe, The Mandalorian, ST: TNG, ST: DS9

Favorite Books

  • Count Zero by William Gibson
  • Vostok by Łukasz Drobnik
  • Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis

Favorite Writers

William Gibson, Thomas Merton, RL Arenz III, Verlyn Klinkenborg, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, H Murakami

Favorite Games

AC Odyssey, AC Valhalla, Hades, FFVIII, FFVII Remake