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The personal and extended family of Ares Mars Olympia & Aphrodite Venus Ouranovia. In order to be known as Areosides, one must be absolute in their loyalty to the Olympian of War & Heir to Hera's Throne, and his beloved equal Aphrodite. Being genetically or romantically linked (one not both) to Ares or Aphrodite is a plus.   Cursed with ridicule during his father’s reign on Olympus, the first born son of Zeus Olympia  and Hera Juno Olympia was the pariah of the Olympians. Due to his formative years as either attack dog or living joke, Ares bided his time until he could be free of the Olympian yoke. Unfortunately, the time came with a moment of pure humiliation, when Hephaestus Vulcan Olympia caught Ares and Aphrodite in their lover’s embrace. Once Poseidon secured their exit, Ares wrapped Aphrodite and their young son Eros Cupid Areides in his arms, and moved his small family to the wilds of Thrace. Ares didn’t set foot on Olympus again until he moved Zeus to the nursing home he and Hephaestus found to stuff the old codger.   Once settled in their new home, Ares turned to two primary tasks: warmongering, and fatherhood. He took to both with a vehemence, which terrified Olympus. Before long, Ares and Aphrodite had a brood of new gods. These were the first generation of the Aresides.


The family is ruled over by Aphrodite & Ares equally. Leonidas is a close second to his spouses, and after the triumvirate throuple, by order of honourable conduct.


Open pugilists ought to be more chaotic, but as the family of love and war might train and spar on the daily, they appear more functional than most. The penchant to be educated in combat, self-defence, philosophy and the arts pairs with a natural confidence born of an unshakeable bond.   Conflicts and interpersonal issues are resolved with a choice of non-lethal combat or conscious listening, as the surviving children of Ares and Aphrodite are of two natures: lovers and warriors.


Ares and Aphrodite's family is intensely well off, between employment, investments, their historical significance & land holdings, and several doctors, lawyers & professionals in their midst.
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Olympia-Ouranova, Areides
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The Truce was potent in ridding the Fae and the Areosides from constant and belligerent conflict.


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