Some humans and folk are worth bringing back from the fog of death. True reincarnation with memories and skills intact takes an act of divinity so pure only two Divinity are known to possess the necessary power. Yes, other deities can send their supplicants around again with time spent developing in utero, venturing through the larval stage toward a shaky adolescence. By the time they remember a percentage of their previous lives, the majority are so far along their new paths any fate-debt is pointless.   The Creatrix and Persephone Kore Chthonia appear to be the only divinities with the power of true resurrection.   Whether Persephone even has the skill, or if she too is relying on kind words to the Creatrix I, the Book of Knowledge, do not know. Odd, a tome remaining ignorant of a monumental power, but therein lies what makes resurrection so precious.   Unlike its cousin reincarnation, where a soul is brought around again after supping on Lethe's forgetful wine, resurrection is both extreme in its rarity and insurmountably difficult to decipher in its rationale. For Jase, entire religions popped up over the event. Midgard was forever changed.   In the case of Icarus and Leander, there was an uncanny amount of luck involved. Theories abound in Olympian circles as to whether the Helebros will change the worlds to a similar degree.   After intensive research, I find more content within my pseudo-sciences section fumbling for a resurrection method than any other magical quandary but immortality.

Transmission & Vectors

A direct touch from the Creatrix.


If this were known, there would be a revolving door in all chthonic realms. The method to achieve resurrection would be a study of renown, and a litany of newly resurrected would continue to pop up. Even my pages are blank as to why the chosen few were given the reward, but knowledge without exegesis is but empty words.    A case of 'unfinished business' is cause for reincarnation, the 'coming round again' through genetics or spiritual piety. But resurrection, a full stop and denial of death's touch?    While I pour over the facts of each person's lives, my powers of deduction remain in knowledge without cognition.


Returning to the Realm of Midgard, with both pulse and memories restored.   As the youths like Lilith Mischeva say, 'being re-alived'.


Bullets. Sometimes time, accidents, disease... the list is thoroughly extensive.    See: Death


Live. Glorious lucky ones, live.   One question I continuously pour across my words to decipher is this: can those who were resurrected die? Can Death touch them, or like estranged family does Death linger ever on the exterior of their expanded lives?

Hosts & Carriers

The Resurrected


Piss someone off. Anyone.

Be forgettable.

Cultural Reception

So few beings have known true resurrection, those who have are interacted with a near religious devotion. It does not go amiss three members of the exclusive Resurrected are members of the Areosides.

Is their proximity to Love part of the magic?

Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Extremely Rare
Affected Species


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