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Lilith Mischeva

Judge Karisma Calebdottir (a.k.a. Lily, Kari)

A precocious presence in the Judge's life, Lilith Mischeva is one of my least favourite meatbags, not in the smallest of ways because of an altercation which nearly ended the both of us at once. Condemned to live within the state of 'adolescence' for decades after an unfortunate battle with an ocean (I swear I had little to do with it other than teaching Stana how to plan the entire escapade) led to the consumption of Idunn's Cider, Lilith is doomed to be part of my existence a lot longer than I'd originally hoped.   But what would I know? I remain as always, only a magic book.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The first thirteen years of the little bit's life, she was the only child of single parent Delilah Micheva. Raised in the throngs of global prestige and jet setting back rooms, Lilith learned the hard truths of life on a manipulator and con artist's dime.    In 2017, Lilith was expelled from the prestigious Swiss boarding school Delilah shoved her into to learn poise, manners and inner connections with the leaders of the future world. It was there, while waiting for her mother to pick her up, Lilith met Caleb Mauthisen. Sent to fetch her in recompense for stealing Delilah's rental keys, Caleb took one look at the girl, and knew.    She'd been emptied out of half her soul.

Gender Identity

Whispers in her phone's diary app and a host of web searches lead me to conclude the child is questioning their identity. Perhaps I should prepare pamphlets for her parent?


So far, no indication other than some juvenile squeals when looking at certain social media accounts.


Read: Child Labour Laws. This girl ain't for working... yet.

Accomplishments & Achievements


Failures & Embarrassments

Oh the material I could post if her father gave me permissions. Alas, no embarrassing the child. Fooey.

Mental Trauma

Manipulation, abandonment & parentalization. An unnatural fear of zippers.

Intellectual Characteristics

Seeming fairly bright as human standards go, the one thing I can admit pleasant about the child is her penchant for organization and notes. The child is prolific in creating lists, making detailed strategic plans and data analysis. Pity most of the skills she does possess currently were picked up from her nefarious and manipulative mother.


Delilah Micheva

Mother (Important)

Towards Lilith Mischeva



Lilith Mischeva

Child (Vital)

Towards Delilah Micheva




Delilah raised her only child as a single parent, leaving Lilith completely unawares as to their parentage outside of her mother.

Nicknames & Petnames

A full list of Delilah & Lilith's aliases is too lengthy to record.

Shared Secrets

The people Delilah conned.

Current Status
Getting Expelled
Current Location
Date of Birth
September 21st
Year of Birth
2004 13 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Too Posh to Push Single Mom
Vancouver, BC
Shoulder length teal
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale & Freckled
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Japanese (Not Fluent)
  • Mandarin (Not Fluent)
  • Arabic (Not Fluent)
  • Punjabi (Not Fluent)
  • Norwegian (Learning) 
Ruled Locations

Appears In

The Judge of Mystics Saga is a series of contemporary magic realism novels by Sapha Burnell, published by Vraeyda Literary.
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