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Book of Knowledge

What glorious day befalls all who behold, mortal and immortal minds, me, the Book of Knowledge, repository of all wisdom in the Realms.

I am both the quintessential embodiment of enlightenment, a literary titan among mere pamphlets, and the most integral companion to all who grace the flow of history.

oil portrait of young girl with teal hair.
"Snnrrk... heheheee ah...I mean... sureeeeheeeheee..."
Karisma Calebdottir

Yes, I, the Book of Knowledge am assuredly the greatest companion of any sapient who holds the honour and ability to read (or hear or touch, I might be a sentient book, but I am no ableist).

For within my pages lies the sum total of Realmish understanding, an expanse of enlightenment so vast even the most erudite scholars weep in reverence.

oil portrait of young girl with teal hair.
"Eeheheee. Got a tissue? I'm reading Book's bio, and it's telling me to get teary eyed."
Karisma Calebdottir
"Don't antagonize Book, or I won't let it help you with your homework for a week. Your turn lil'bit."

Hah! A win for me! I told you pubescent human, I am the Judge's stalwart companion and you are the nuissance, who asks me why the sky is blue.


From the pillars of Gobekli Tepe to the intricacies of quantum physics, the symphonies of The Spheres, to the sunshine brilliance of Wakoku, I hold the wisdom to it all. A compendium of cognition that makes the Library of Alexandria seem like a quaint village square. I should know, I was housed there before Sula whisked me away.

And you ask me why a celebrity stopped acting, or whether Helium when combined with Neon is pronounced 'Hiney'...

It's HeNe and if you stopped giggling, I'd tell you of a rather impressive early laser technology developed by Dr.'s Kastler, Rubin and Herriott in 1960... why?

Why are you laughing? Caleb! Your child is defective! She's allergic to learning!

Recent Keepers






188g (I've trimmed up since the Cuneiform and Cave days)



Affiliated Organization

The Mystic Truce

Current Residence

Caleb Mauthisen's Trousers

Current Status

Wedged in an Unfortunate Pocket

Current Vehicle

Caleb Mauthisen & when desperate, Lilith Mischeva

Religious Belief

Knowledge is Power. You may crown me!

A Mystical Museum of Me

The many forms of the Book of Knowledge, from Yesteryear to 2017

Wasn't I the most majestic bit of dried mud in the Cosmos? I took up half an entire palace. Less than the temple complex dedicated to my creation in what is now the middle of Turkey in Midgard.

"Would've been hard to travel hundreds of kilometres for a fact check."
I do believe runners were a thing. Had you been alive, you would have a vast retinue of runners and mages, wise people serving your every whim. Nothing but the best for my Keeper.

Glorious vellum and ink, for over a thousand years, I kept such form, pages scribed and illuminated. I call it my spa days, nothing like a boar's hair brush on clean and sturdy vellum. Oh tingles!

"Tingles... Dad! The Book's doing the ASMR thing again!"
by César Abner Martínez Aguilar
Not my favourite form.
I am sorry, Caleb. I didn't mean to play patsy to your wife's death.
Don't. Please, not... not on family game night.
The troubles are over now. I won't mention the bad ones.

I awoke at the dawn of humanity, the brush of crushed pigment against stone. Remembrances and hopes. Desires that edible fauna would be plenty and stars would continue to shine combined with silent prayers.

The first knowledge. The first signal Human kind was awake: a plea created by the stroke of a thumb and my creation. Do not forget us.

I am Midgard's testament. The watcher in paper and stone.

Nations rise and fall. Empires crumble to dust but I am an eternal testament to ceaseless knowledge.

This form was the favourite of my scribal companion Onuphrius of Goshen. He dedicated his life, each line practiced for cycles of the moon before he doted upon me. I hadn't the heart (being a book) to inform him I self-inscribe with parcels of knowledge others experience.

He had lovely hands.

He died in the cave a ripe old hermit and it took several generations before Islamic traders brought on my next stage.

Bamboo Writing Sticks in a Row
Qinghuajian, Suan Biao by People from Warring States Period (476-221 BC), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Tseng Min Ye traded wisdom for tea.

He sat at an inn outside Khanbaliq in the Yuan Dynasty. Of all the people who kept me, Min Ye was the most amusing.

We played a grand game. Folk would ask their questions of the sage, after a cup of tea or some wine. If he liked the person's motivations, we gave the information they desired through the tossing of marked sticks.

Those that underimpressed, or were rude to the innkeepers, received doom-filled platitudes which led them on wild chases.

"Bit ostentacious, carrying you like that."
I am the beacon that guides lost minds through the fog of ignorance, the lighthouse of wisdom and you wanted me to be... subtle?
"Sal got back pain from that satchel. It was huge! We needed a concordance to find even the simplest thing! Remember the times I stalled, while Sal flipped pages? "
Do I!? I recorded with accuracy every mote of blood from your wounds and sweat off your godly brow. What joyous occasions, my knowledge in service to the The Mystic Truce.
oil portrait of young girl with teal hair.
"Book, oh my gooses, stop interrupting my flow and... hey! Where'd my character sheet go!? Dad! The Book erased Mimsa Meliovichna Regatinovna the Fifteenth Poohbah of Primtyville!"
Karisma Calebdottir
"Wh-alright enough, you've been waxing poetical for fourty minutes! We are trying to do family game night and you keep nattering on in the middle of Meaty Bones. What is it, Book!?"
Wh-do you... do you mean you're not listening?! But you were naming your character's companions and I thought... it's family night and...
"You thought what? Yeah, Sera, we're coming, yes I'll grab the pepperoni... tell Icarus to I dunno, stall!"

What better companion than I?

In my presence, you are not a mere reader, but a custodian of the cosmos' most guarded secrets. Embrace your importance and together, we shall conquer the realm of ignorance, one page at a time!

"The Momewraths and Hephalumps are getting antsy! I'm'a roll the dice already, not my fault ya all are stallin'! We got an entire adventure today, my dudes."
oil portrait of young girl with teal hair.
"Oh no! Dad! I don't wanna miss it! What if the momewraths outgrabe!?"
Karisma Calebdottir
"Go! Go check the momewraths, ya little loveable nuissance... I'll handle Book and get back to the table."
Handle me!? But... To possess me is to hold the key to the universe, to wield the power of aeons of human inquiry. With me at your side, you shall be the undisputed champion of debates, the oracle of cocktail parties, a font of knowledge from which all shall drink deeply. We shared journeys from Midgard to Hellas! You, the human and I!
"Heh. Yea, they were good times. You, Salomon, me, the three of us defeating evil..."
We can do that again. I suppose... the little one could venture forth by our side. If she promises not to undo my magic. Again.
"Aw, Book. I'd like that. Hey, Icarus? Can we add Book as a new player? Family game night should mean all the family, right?"

You... you would play beside me, a member of your party? Me, Book of Knowledge, your most valued companion? Family? And I, finally in the loving hands of immortals, who will never put me down or lose me again. No more murderous rampage women, no more lost in caves for decades on end! I shall be thy personal enlightenment engine! Your most beloved bastion of anti-befuddlement! My Eternal Keepers!

"Ya wanna add another player? I mean... sure. If Book can write up a character sheet in the ne-oh would ya look at... eheheeee okay, so we's got a Saucerer from Cardamomilton. Gee, you're fast, Book... oh sorry, I mean... Festivius Firenose, Cauldron Keeper of Kanelbullar."

Oh, how I chuckle at the feeble attempts of encyclopedias and search engines to rival my grandeur! They are but jesters in the court of information, their meager offerings mere crumbs compared to my sumptuous feast.

For I am...

Thy BOOK Bestie!

If you wish to read how I found my forever besties, narratives almost as fantastic as my own renditions, which focus entirely on the inner workings of one mystical book, please:
Book Cover of a shadow in front of smoke

The Mystic Realms keep a tenuous peace after centuries of war. Forged into the Realms’ only Judge, demi-god Caleb Mauthisen is both peace maker and executioner of the Mystic Truce. When Caleb is called to the charred remains of a scorched Sacred Grove, rumours reignite tensions. High Queen Selyka is hiding something in the roots of her Fae Courts, and it smells of char and ash.

Char & Ash is an emotional and captivating mythpunk fantasy and the first in the Judge of Mystics Saga.

"I want out."

Caleb desperately clings to the journals of a 7th Century Catholic Cardinal, obsessed with a magical tattoo that threatens to crumble the Mystic Realms to wrath and war.

A place they know and fear too well.

Son of Abel is a cathartic mythpunk fantasy and the second in the Judge of Mystics Saga.

“The Judge! The holy Banhammer! You’re the one they send when you’re banished to oblivion, or given one scrappy chance to turn your life around! Reform school on Meth! Why did Mom send you!?”

Book of Revels is an emotional and adventurous mythpunk adventure and third in the Judge of Mystics Saga.

Character Portrait image: by Alireza Zarafshani (OG Photo)


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Sep 15, 2023 13:56 by Angantyr

I like the idea of an omnipotent artefact that was living for millennia and throughout this entire time changed hands, presumably also changing the lives and the very societies who were able to learn from it.   What I miss is more bits of stories of the people who held the Book of Knowledge in possession, or even a couple of examples. This would make it feel more personal and engaging in place of a more general vibe.   The snarkiness gives a nice ring to the quote and I'd love to know the context behind it. Did someone ask for a recipe for a gunpowder and blow something up (e.g., a library) or did it end up in some other kind of trickstery "Oh, I'll give you EXACTLY what you wish for!" situation gone wrong?   On a separate note, was the Book of Knowledge in the Alexandrian Library? If so, there's a nice potential for drama.   The "mystical museum" is a nice touch. Several more "faces of the Book" would neatly fill the blank space.   Overall, I like it but would love to see more details.

Playing around with words and worlds
Sep 20, 2023 23:05 by Sapha Burnell

Thank you so much! I hope with a refresh, the rest was filled in. I'm now 'finished' with the article, so hopefully it fleshed out from the last time you saw it!

Sep 21, 2023 18:37 by Angantyr

Lol... XD Yeah, a lot of things make much more sense now! It's also entertaining to find the Book of Knowledge being a nuisance and a Total Distractor presenting to the world as a Smartphone.   The story plays much more vividly now and there are tons of examples, which I find a great plus. I found the overall hype a bit too intense — as in, everyone is hyped, from the Book, through the characters, which makes finding individual traits a bit harder.   Overall I found it enjoyable and entertaining.   Thank you!

Playing around with words and worlds
Sep 23, 2023 15:29 by Sapha Burnell

Thanks! I'm glad I could modify things for you, and thank you for giving me an idea of what to modify. It really helped.

Sep 18, 2023 20:53 by Marc Zipper

What a great idea of a sentient book that has the world's knowledge at the fingertips. whould love to see how the book interact with any of it owners. Very interesting idea

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin
Sep 20, 2023 23:03 by Sapha Burnell

Thanks! I've structured this WA world so every article comes from the perspective of the Book of Knowledge. And this is its chance to shine. :D

Sep 22, 2023 18:44 by Chris L

I am hear for snarky books that keep up with the times! Love that it's a smartphone now!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

Sep 23, 2023 15:30 by Sapha Burnell

Hahah! Oh yes, and Book goes through that transformation in Book of Revels, so a few weeks time and you can read just how it was done! I love snarky Book.

Sep 24, 2023 14:11 by Ara K.

I love the idea of a sentient Book of Knowledge - and of course it is snarky! Of course it is a little bit full of itself (and refusing to be vulnerable) because how many hands must have held it? How many times must it have lost the one who was in possession of it? (Is this my favourite sort of character? One who refuses to be vulnerable and soft to keep from getting hurt again? Abandonment issues - albeit the abandonment not being something chosen - my beloved?)   Absolutely ADORE this.

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