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Son of Abel

Son of Abel

The entire cosmos hiccups around Finnegan the Fae. Mystic Judge Caleb Mauthisen desperately clings to the journals of a 7th Century Catholic Cardinal, obsessed with a magical tattoo that threatens to crumble the Mystic Realms to wrath and war.

A place they know and fear too well.

Spiralling with only his scheming ex Delilah to 'help', Caleb searches for the elusive way out of the Truce, as he descends through the essence of grief into layers of hell on earth.

Finnegan breaks his exile to find Caleb's absentee father Raynar, to wrench Caleb loose before his absence strips the Realms of their Judge and protector. Before Delilah weaves Caleb into plans of her own, and wrath shatters through to the last root of the World Tree.

Son of Abel is a cathartic mythpunk & godpunk supernatural fantasy and the second novel in the Judge of Mystics Saga.



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