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Cormac of the Willow

Prince Consort Cormac (a.k.a. Willow the Wisp; Ember Bright)

Cormac is a rarity among the Fae. His life began with the germination of a willow, and thus Cormac is a Willow Tree. Strong of stature and well fertilized in his developmental decades, Cormac became a ferocious and opinionated force in the Fae Court. Whispers of his power and potential took to the breeze, how mighty would a future Queen be with Cormac's bark and root combined with the young Selyka's penchant for magic?   Chosen to become the bed for Selyka's budling progeny, Cormac thought himself the Sacrificial King, whose ichor would be spilled upon the fertilization ground for the Princess Astraea's nurturing. But Queen Selyka wished for a different outcome to the birth of her eventual replacement.   Selyka wanted to end the blood-debt of life for life within Fae Royalty.   And Cormac never forgave her for this weakness, bark hardening as his mind drifted into deeper and deeper forbidden concepts, until the Consort of the Queen became a most hideous and dangerous thing:  
A firestarter.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Perpetually smelling of a campfire, Cormac appears as a pale birch-skinned humanoid male with willow fronds for hair. Bits of ash dress the smoulders of his clothing, which are perpetually natural fibre, when Cormac wears clothing at all and does not transform a sort of bark to act in the same manner.

Body Features

Smouldering embers, burnt wood & new growth.

Special abilities

The ability to start fires.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Fae Court is a mysterious and capricious place for fauna to understand. Growing close enough to Court to receive the necessary daylight to thrive was a manner of initial fertilization, a planned and orderly affair. 

Few grew unbidden so close to the Green Man, so close to the Court. Cormac grew and blossomed near enough the Fae Court to receive education and privilege. A mind for schemes and mischief grew into the aura of a malcontent. Yet, others of the Court saw value in Cormac's dissonance. Thus, a match was expected to heal the rift between warring factions of the Fae. 

The Truce and its focus on the fauna grated at Cormac. His view of florae's supremacy and the natural order of fauna as eventual fertilizer diminished any faith the Willow held. Thus, was the Firestarter and dissident born.

Gender Identity



Cormac's tree is planted firm in what was once a beautiful valley at the bed of a river. There, and in the Fae Court, was Cormac educated. Whatever worm found his mind, the valley was the place it began.


As the Consort of the Queen, Cormac used to hold vast and sizeable royal duties among the Courts, which make up the Fae.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Becoming a Foundational Member of the Fae Court
  • Burning the sacred groves holding the Floration victims

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Not convincing Selyka to do things the Old Way. 
  • Not overthrowing Queen Selyka, or the Fae Court. 

Mental Trauma

The act of mercy Selyka set upon him, where she refused to sacrifice Cormac to the fertile fields.

Intellectual Characteristics

Cunning and cold.

Morality & Philosophy


Personality Characteristics


To destroy fauna-based civilization and capture all the Realms for Florae.


Cormac of the Willow

Consort (Important)

Towards Selyka




Wife (Important)

Towards Cormac of the Willow




Matched by the Fae Court as the most prominent pairing for the strongest magical offspring, Cormac of the Willow and Queen Selyka were never particularly affectionate.    What they were, is dutiful. Selyka understood her responsibility, and Cormac desired power.    There is little more to their relationship but that.

Relationship Reasoning

Duty & Expectation.

Legal Status


Current Location
Selyka (Wife)
Willow fronds
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Thin and pale as birch bark
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

Appears In

Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks

Character Portrait image: Cormac of the Willow


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