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Janikk Station Market

A cacophony of colors and enchantment, the Market on Janikk Station thrives on an ever changing assortment of clientele and vendors from across Vazdimet.   Jannadael shopping at the Station may request a line of credit through Mordena Budgets and Finance, providing the a stipend of credits for use with visiting vendors. Mordena choosing to sell their own wares on the station may elect to donate their resultant profits to an assortment of operational funds through Budgets and Finance, or keep the funds for themselves.

Purpose / Function

Visitors to Janikk Station are eager to collect souvenirs for themselves and friends, commemorating their visit - and the Janikk Station Market is happy to oblige. The Market was created to offer Jannadaelox a forum to easily sell their wares off-planet, while also allowing them to procure from an ever-cycling collection of luxury goods from across Vazdimet.   The vendors cycle regularly, typically on a weekly or occasionally monthly basis. Those who wish a stall must submit a formal request with Mordena Public Relations, with only the Ferrik Clan of the Vardan traders guaranteed approval.

Contents & Furnishings

The Market contains a collection of wooden stalls, carefully grown from nikklub trees, one of the durable softwoods native to Janikk. Once the trees reach the desired shape they are carefully cut and dried using a speed curing process involving the creative application of Pyromancy and Anemancy.   Colorful - and often enchanted - fabrics decorate the stalls and marketplace, hanging as banners and ware examples and even often arranged as traditional styled stall roofs despite the highly controlled climate within the station.   Highly stylized paintings of Janikk and the myths surrounding the planet line the walls, most of them for sale.


The Market has come to represent the Station among the non-Jannadael, likely due to the excitement from those gifted unique and unforgettable gifts by those fortunate enough to vacation in orbit around Janikk. While only those who have experienced the Station can experience or even truly understand the variety of activities available, the souvenirs procured from the Market serve as physical proof of these stories.   Custom made clothing made with enchanted color-changing fabrics that flutter in an unknown breeze, toys that move on their own or float through the air at their owner's whim, paintings of mythical creatures, self-heating stoles from soft and beautifully patterned furs, sealed packages of unusual dried fruits, and living furniture are merely a small sampling of the wonders available to those who dare visit the Mordena - and they'll easily change hands, for the right coin.
Alternative Names
The Mordena Market
Market square
Compartment of Vehicle
Owning Organization

World Ember 2023

World Ember 2023

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