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Obsidian Monolith

Birth of the Monolith

  Under the shroud of night's blanket, the earth bellowed its discontent, an uproarious tremor that shook the terrestrial marrow to its very core. The discordant symphony of these upheavals reached far, its ominous echoes reverberating through the jagged fissures of the Cracked Mountains in Gweald, casting an ominous pall of dread that seemed to herald the world's cataclysmic demise. As though revolting against an unspeakable violation, the land roared its defiance, convulsing violently in seismic protest.   Despite this terrestrial tantrum, the hamlets scattered across the province were graced with only trivial wounds. As the trembling ceased, a peculiar, otherworldly mist weaved its spectral threads across the landscape. When the creeping fog finally receded, there stood the Monolith; its majestic silhouette looming through the gossamer haze.   Erect and defiant, the Monolith pierced the heavens, a monolith to the nascent power of the Obsidian Covenant. Cradled in the verdant embrace of the Kith Mountain's foothills, it stood as a formidable testament to the might of the Lord Avatar, who watched over His creation with a sense of serene satisfaction.   From the scattered hamlets of Gweald to the farthest reaches of the world, no soul could now deny His omnipotence. Lord Avatar Edwrin's epoch of dominion was on the precipice of dawn, his reign of conquest primed for its relentless commencement.  

Monolith's True Purpose

The Monolith had remained an enigma, its purpose shrouded in mystery, until the Obsidian Covenant began to disseminate its doctrine across the world, drawing countless souls into its impenetrable, dark folds. For more than a decade, the colossal edifice stood silent and impervious, its monolithic doors sealed, as if by an invisible hand, until Lord Avatar decreed the moment ripe for revelation.   To the collective astonishment of all, when the towering doors of the ebony leviathan finally conceded, they revealed not a void, but a structure nested within. As though awakening from a deep slumber, the Monolith was poised, ready to serve its intended destiny.  
  Under the authoritative tutelage of the Lord Avatar Himself, the Obsidian Crucible, the first of its kind, was conducted within this sanctum. The inaugural cohort, each individual honed and refined under his direct guidance, graduated from these hallowed halls, the echo of their footsteps reverberating with the promise of future leadership.   Today, these early graduates form the resilient core of the Obsidian Covenant's leadership, the bedrock upon which the foundation of this enigmatic order rests, its origins traced back to the transformative education received within the cryptic recesses of the Monolith.  

Inside the Monolith

Nestled within the stoic shell of the Monolith lies a labyrinthine network of facilities, each meticulously designed for a purpose as integral as the Covenant itself. The edifice teems with hundreds of classrooms, each a nucleus of knowledge where wisdom is imparted and received, echoing with the quiet rustle of parchment and the resonant voices of scholars.   Complementing these seats of learning are numerous training facilities, outfitted with every resource needed to refine and harden both the mind and the body. These areas resonate with the sounds of perseverance and determination, where the spirit of the Covenant's disciples is ceaselessly honed and tested.  
  Beyond these functional spaces, the Monolith extends its provision for the mundane yet essential aspects of life. Sleeping quarters, austere yet comfortable, offer a sanctuary for rest and reflection, a place to recharge and meditate upon the day's teachings and trials.   Moreover, the Monolith's vast expanse accommodates house quarters - living spaces that foster a sense of community among the Covenant's disciples. These quarters not only provide a space for camaraderie and social connection but also serve as a testament to the holistic lifestyle nurtured within the Monolith, where the lines between learning, living, and belonging are seamlessly blurred.  
Temple / Religious complex


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