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The Spire

The City of Spire in the west of the Thaur Island is believed to be one of if not the oldest major settlement in the Haan Archipelago to be still standing, with some records dating of more than 3400 years ago.
However, the place had its name changed many times, with the current iteration dating from 2524 E.Alz, renamed for the coronation of Queen Spire of Merthiorn who was 22 at the time.   In commemoration of this event, a huge bell tower topped with a massive, intricately decorated spire of white stone was built in the city centre, visible from far away.  

Rusted Away

The commemorative tower, known simply as "The Spire", stood in place for almost 500 years until the year 3014 E.Alz, when the era-changing disaster known as The High Rust destroyed the top of most high buildings in the Haan Archipelago.   The beautiful white spire as well as part of the stone body of the tower were tainted orange and corroded, compromising the structure and eventually making the spire's beams crumble. Fearing the collapse of the structure, the spire was supported with additional beams, some of which had to be replaced after the High Rust passed.   The new Kingdom of Thaur destined funds to the reconstruction of The Spire, in an effort to demonstrate their will to preserve the heritage of the fallen Kingdom of Merthiorn.
Due to the many more urgent things that the city had to invest their time of efforts in first, the reconstruction of The Spire is still ongoing at a slow pace.
Shield of Spire by Naelin
Year 1 E.Ru
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Oh no! I'm glad the city didn't prioritise it over more important things, but it is sad that it sits in ruins.

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