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Supply Cats

Supply cats are a species of cats native to Ghynzua known for their work on Stigy Supply Carts. Originally the work was done by domesticated house cats. But over time, due to the vast travel distances through uninhabited regions, and secret night time escapades, a whole new breed of cat was born.

A breed of their own

The current day Supply Cat is a mixture of a house cat and several wild cat species native to East Eghea. Although there are variations, they tend to be a bit larger than a regular house cat. They often have green or amber colored eyes. While their fur is usually grey or sand colored, with darker stripes on their head.


Working animal

Supply cats are well respected all througout Ghynzua for the important work they do. They are known to be excellent hunters and don't require much at all. One or two cats are enough to keep one stigy supply cart rodent free, but some Stigy Drivers keep up to four cats for extra company. Any self respecting supply cat will take their job very seriously. The cats don't travel inside the cargo space, but are let inside at every stigy stop to inspect for rodents. They are also highly intelligent and many have their ways of notifying their driver when an extra cargo inspection is needed while on the road.

Mischievous nature

Despite the serious nature of their work, supply cats are known to be mischievous. They might not touch the cargo they are protecting, but they do like to steal food from the taverns at the stigy stops they stay at during their travels. Supply cats are also no different than other domesticated cat species. They have a way to wrap everyone around their little paws and let them do their bidding. Which usually includes getting extra food or cuddles, and getting away with any naughty behaviour.

Friendly giants

Despite the massive size difference between them, supply cats and their Stigy tend to form very close friendships. The cats often travel on top of the stigy's head where they have a good view of their surroundings. They can also be seen grooming their stigy from time to time, although the sheer amount of fur on a stigy surpasses the cleaning skills of any supply cat. Not for a lack of trying though.


Any supply cat working for the Stigy Supply Company has their own set of shirts they need to wear as identification. On the shirt is the Stigy Supply logo, the name of the cat, and their job title. The cats are so used to their outfits that they don't like them taken off, even if it is just to switch to a clean shirt. At night their shirts are taken off though as they stay in the sleeping compartment with their driver. This way they can groom the fur hidden by the shirt.
18 years
Average Height
35 - 52 cm
Average Weight
8 - 12 kg
Average Length
Up to 110 cm
Geographic Distribution
It was the most adorable thing ever. Two cats peeked out from a top the stigy. They were barely visible between all the fluff.
— Stablehand at a stigy stop


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Jul 7, 2023 11:43 by Caitlin Phillips

I really like this take on the prompt. I love the idea of them wearing their own, little shirts! Great article.

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Thank you! That is a great question. The shirts only cover a part of the cats body, so they still can groom most of their fur while wearing their shirts. But I would say, at night when they stay with their driver in the sleeping compartment, their shirts are removed so they groom all their fur.

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Jul 9, 2023 17:27 by R. Dylon Elder

Cats! I love that they kinda terrorize the taverns by stealing food. I can picture them jumping onto the bar and like, staring at the patrons as they slowly nudge the mugs off the side. Idk that's endearing to me. Lol well done!

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