The Dancing Misfits

I have seen them perform more than a dozen times. They never cease to amaze.
— Citizen of Miraiy

The Dancing Misfits are a group of performers who travel all over Ghynzua. As their name suggests their shows are all centered around dances. Throughout the years they have made a name for themselves and gained in popularity. This allowed them to grow. The group currently has 33 performers, 15 musicians and about 20 staff members who take care of various tasks like decorating the stage or making meals.


The original group was formed by seven people who felt like they didn't fit in in society. Some because they looked different due to patched skin, an extra leg, etc. Others because they did not act as society expected them too. They started performing on the streets of Miraiy as a way of paying for their meals. Soon they became so loved by the public that the crowds forming to see their performance blocked off entire streets. The group was soon allowed to perform on various stages throughout Miraiy.


A typical show consists of two acts. Each act lasts one hour seperated by a 30 minute interval. The shows are a true spectacle with music and acrobatics. The fire dance is one of the most popular performances due to the mesmerizing effect of the fire. In 3422 the Empress asked the group to perform for her and her guests at The Imperial Palace. The Empress was so impressed that since then the group has been allowed to perform their show at the palace every year.
Founding Date
3412 AP
Entertainment, Troupe


Due to their succes The Dancing Misfits have been able to hold a yearly tour throughout Ghynzua. Shows are usually sold out very quickly. In larger cities they often perform two or even three nights in a row.


Author's Notes

This article was written during Inktober 2019 for the prompt of day 18: Misfit.

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