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Makuro are a spider-like species of inflicted creatures. They live in the northern regions of Ghynzua where they spin their webs between the mammoth trees of the ancient woodlands. Makuro's are best known for the silk that is made from their webs, and the horror novels they feature in.


Makuro have segmented bodies with jointed limbs. Their bodies are covered by a hard shell that protects their organs. The foremost segment contains the head and torso, while the rear consists of the abdomen. They have eight limbs. The head has two venomous fangs in the front, while their mouth parts are more towards the bottom of their head. They have eight eyes like spiders, only theirs have a faint teal glow to them due to their inflicted state. Makuro are very large. An adult female can reach a height of up to 1.45 m, and a length of 2.30 m. Males tend to be smaller.

Makuro farm

In order for them to spin their webs makuro need the mammoth trees of northern Ghynzua. In the past there have been attempts to keep them outside their natural habitat but that always failed. So they are now bred in the woodlands they have always lived in. The northern mammoth woodlands stretch over a vast territory running up into the mountains. The makuro farm lies at the southern part of these woodlands. It is a fenced in area with a treeless parameter to prevent the breeding makuro's from escaping, and wild specimens from getting into the farm.


Makuro are highly poisonous what makes them very dangerous for the people harvesting their webs. This is no different for the domesticated makuro. They are more used to people, but they still see their keepers as a possible food source. Webcutters and keepers will always work in groups of atleast four people.


A keepers job is to feed the makuro and make sure they are healthy. They also look for nests and check if they are being well tended. If not they take the eggs and they will be tended to in a seperate nursery area within the farm.


A webcutters job is to cut down the webs from which ghynzuan silk is made. They will start with locating webs in good condition. The next step is to locate the makuro who's web they want to cut down. It is then fed a fish or piece of meat cured with a strong sleep medicine. While two people cut down the web the others watch out for sings of other makuro. It is also vital to take into account that some makuro's are known to feign being asleep.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
15 - 25 years
Average Height
1.3 m - 1.45 m (female)
1.1 m -1.2 m (male)
Average Length
2.2 m - 2.3 m (female)
1.9 m - 2.0 m (male)
Geographic Distribution

Ghynzuan Silk

The silk made from the makuro webs is a very expensive resource. The farm can not keep up with the demand, so work has started on a second makuro farm to the northwest. The silk is used in most parts of Ghynzua, but small portions are also exported overseas. This makes it an extremely rare material outside of Ghynua. And much wanted by the nobility of various nations. It has become a worldwide symbol of status if you can afford clothes made out of this silk.

Ghynzuan Silk
Material | Dec 16, 2020

The best and most wanted silk in all of Ealdwyll.

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