The only part of the world where the oghwen can be found is the wilderness of West Eghea. Fortunately so, for they use bait to lure their prey, which makes them one of the most succesful predators among the Inflicted. Oghwen are highly intelligent as well, which makes them perfectly capable to lure humans.  
We heard the cries of a human baby nearby. It puzzled us as no one in their right mind would bring an infant this far into these cursed lands. We should have realized the danger, yet the cries were something we could not ignore.
— Unfortunate adventurer


Note of the author:
The anatomy of the oghwen needs a major overhaul. I figured out their origin species since I first wrote this article so they will look different from this initial description.
Oghwen have six long spider-like legs which they can use to grab hold of their prey. They have an elongated body which is segmented and tapers towards the back. Their heads look like a mix of a human and bee head.  

The bait

Oghwen often use their own offspring as bait. From birth oghwen are capable of mimicking any sound they have heard. The difference with their parents is that the infant oghwen produces sounds that resemble infant versions of their prey. For instance, when hunting a human the adult oghwen can mimic the sound of an adult human. The infant oghwen however can mimic the sound of a crying baby. This often has much better results than what the adult oghwen can lure on its own.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
5’9”-6’10” | 1.8-2.1 m
Average Weight
1,400-2,000 lb | 635-907 kg
Average Length
49'2"-59'1"| 15-18 m


Oghwen feed exclusively on meat. They prefer their prey alive whilst they start feeding.

The Inflicted

Inflicted are various types of monsters which can be found all over the world. It is believed they were ones regular animals until the Pulse mutated them into monsters. The different species of Inflicted vary a lot but they have one thing in common: teal glowing eyes.

Cover image: Skull by Mitja Juraja


Author's Notes

This article was written during Inktober 2019 for the prompt of day 3: Bait.

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