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Stigy Festival

Stigy Festival is the biggest summer celebration Ghynzua has to offer. For ghynzuans it is a way to thank the stigy's for their hard work. Every year the festival draws tens of thousands of tourists to the Empire. As could be expected the festivities center around the many stigy's who live in Ghynzua. It is from these massive beasts of burden the festival got its nickname: Fluff Fest
— From A Guide to Ghynzua


For thousands of years stigy's have played a vital role in everyday life in Ghynzua. Even during the harvests they are important. Pulling enormous carts they bring the harvest from the fields to the barns. Were in other parts of the world people celebrate more traditional harvest festivities in Ghynzua stigy's are the stars of the harvest festival.


After the last harvests have been stored preparations for the festival begin. Houses are decorated, food is being prepared and stigy's receive a well earned treat.

The Next Morning

The next day the festivities start in the morning when the stigy's are led to a nearby lake. There they are bathed, something stigy's enjoy a lot. This tradition is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction. Hundreds or even thousands of people join the massive beasts and swim among them. It is not unusual to see one stigy being scrubbed by more than twenty people. The gentle creatures enjoy their bath so much it often takes much effort to lure them out of the water. Their fur is then brushed until dry. Ribbons, flowers and other decorations are used to get the stigy's ready for the blessing ceremony.


Accompanied by a huge crowd the stigy's are brought to a field. There they are blessed by a high priestess so they may be under Ama's protection for another year. Flower petals are thrown at the stigy's after the blessing.

The Feast

Later that day the stigy's receive a huge meal. After that they are allowed to rest and the feast for the humans starts. Large amounts of food are consumed and some alcoholic beverages can be found as well. People play music, sing and dance. When the sky is dark people settle around campfires to listen to legends and myths. The festivities last until morning.
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