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Oath of the Conduit

Conduits are miraculous beings for gods that did not grace this world with a personal mouthpiece. Instead, Conduits are, in a way, blessed with a mind that is so close to their god that they are mirrored in soul onto the planes. This can happen in times of need when a particular god wishes to respond with more personal efforts, usually creating the child through miraculous conception when a mortal's soul is pulled into Astaria by the divinity.   When the Conduit is born, they have two voices, both mentally and physically. Mentally speaking, Conduits possess a "silent" and personal inner voice--much akin to our self-talk. They also have the guiding voice of their divinity which is akin to having auditory hallucination. They can, at times, be ignored due to their ethereality, but doing so forever is crippling and fatal to the Conduit.   Religious orders that have developed alongside Conduits tend to be very bound to their tenets, as this has been a measure of keeping demigod bloodlines prolonged through history. At times, this has resulted in the cloistering of a Conduit with the temples around them twisting their words and the god's overall desires. Other times, this has resulted in an open forum where others can ask the god incarnate for advice.


Oath of the Conduit have varying structures but each have the same parts with varying amount of importance.   Conduits deliver the messages of the divine as the two are one in the same. Conduits that reside in cloisters tend to be thought less of as avatars of the god and more of the impetus behind a particular Oath.   Pylons come in varying degrees of importance, no pun intended. High Pylons are known for being the main ones who have point of contact with the Conduit. The only ones else who may ever have contact with a Conduit is a Repeater. High Pylons are often blind and must be guided by an Insulate. Sometimes their blinding is done by themselves or by the aura that is the Conduit. Which ever the case, this is seen as symbolic for those outside the Oath as the majesty of a Conduit is beyond what one can see. High Pylons aside, those who claim to preach for the organization itself are known as Lesser Pylons, abbreviated to Lessons. Typically, however, they are referred to as Preachers by common folk. Only 1 High Pylon may exist at an Oath, but there are as many Lesser Pylons, Lessons, as apply and study under the Oath.   Repeater are scribes who have the very honor of writing down the words of the Conduit, on the rare occasion, as writing down the words of the Conduit are strictly prohibited unless they themselves allow it. This is why Repeaters are allowed to see the Conduit as well. This has created conflict between the High Pylon and Repeaters before and has wrought Oaths to their knees. This aside, they are archivists and otherwise keepers and parrots of the knowledge. Because the knowledge must be so closely guarded, they often must have infallible memory in order to recite what they've written down. There are anywhere from 10-25 Repeaters in an organization, divided into Chapters by which the library of the Conduit is organized.   Transistors are couriers who must also have an infallible memory, as Repeaters are rarely if ever allowed to give their charges to another. The only recorded instance of this, was The Burning of the Sophia (need to link this). At times, several Transistors have been sent with a single message, each with their own part memorized. There may be as many 40 repeaters at a single oath, or as few as 5 depending on the spread of the Oath itself.   Insulates are the body guards, the Crusaders of the entire Oath. There are as many Insulates as each Oath feels it needs, but there are only 8 High Insulates, as they mirror the tenets of the Oaths, which are added onto by each Conduit individually. Regardless, 2 protect the High Pylon, as two tenets apply specifically to them, and 6 direct the protection of the Conduit themselves, as the rest of the tenets apply to the Conduit.   Sensors are the the grunts of the Oath and tend to be studying within the Oath for a position therein. Max capacity depends on the building itself and those available to teach, but twenty is a comfortable number for smaller etablishments.

Public Agenda

Each Oath of the Conduit will enact their own agenda and they will be listed here~.

Tenets of Faith

The Tenets are as Such:   To my Listeners,   1. Meditation. You must Listen, and Reflect.   2. Honesty. Consider me with Truth unclouded by Self.   To my Speaker,   3. Protection. We will only bestow One Life, unending.   4. Humility. The Self is the Enemy of Our Purpose.   5. Patience. In time, We will Speak.   6. Solitude. Seek solace in Silence.   7. Generosity. Turn None Away who seek Us.   8. Persevere. If None Listen, We shall speak to Nothing, and wait.   ((I will add here a brief summary of why so many Oaths can form out of one group due to the openness of the Tenets))

We Never Walk Alone.

Religious, Divine Host

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