Chimera D10 A Narrative Character Creator, A Soft-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy Universe

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Welcome to Chimera--TTRPG, Narrative Universe--a world of splendor and terror.
  It is a world with vast expanses of cloud ocean and unexplored lands that house diverse and unique ecosystems and extremely aggressive monsters. The experience is both epic and intimate under the genre of a soft apocalyptic science fantasy. All who live here have a jovial habit of diving headlong into the unknown, and sometimes danger, with enthusiastic recklessness.


Join us, Hero! All are Welcome.

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Chimera D10
designed around character versatility with no classes, mechanical simplicity, as well as social, travel, and combat scenarios.
Upcoming freebies, tactical and zone maps, and Chimera D10 modules.

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If you like the world so far, enjoy the TTRPG, the content, and the freebie, please consider donating. Any funds received goes to helping me make and commission art for the world and get better equipment to do so.

Building Chimera:

  I started this project in December 2017, and has been redone in four (D&D supplement, D&D improvement, It's Own Thing™ using PERSONA, It's Own Thing™ using SELF,) major ways since then, or about eleven total ways; what started as a mission to simplify D&D has become one of my longest passion projects, and I hope to complete this and either give or sell it to the public one day. Maybe both!   This is a tabletop role play game system designed around character versatility (no classes!), mechanical simplicity (no rolling for damage?!), and varying character scenarios (including combat, travel, and social scenarios!). It only uses 10-sided die, but, admittedly, it uses a lot of them--so much for simplicity, huh~?   I hope you all can become as thrilled (and entangled--in a good way) in this system as I have. Please let me know how you feel about it, and how you might want to see it change in the future.   (First iteration began 2017)   (Website Started 12/31/19)   (Core Content Creation ended with Edits Beginning 05/01/20)   (First Alpha Edit completed 10/23-28/20)   (Second Alpha Edit completed)   (First Beta Edit PENDING)