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The Heroes Guild

Founded on the backs of The Three, The Heroes Guild is a beacon of united humanity, as prominent during its founding as it is now. However, the age of Heroes is coming to a close; the age where all banded together to thwart the rise of the Godking Faust of Cenodoxia, an age of strife, is ending. And so, why do so many still elect not to end this Age of Heroes, a gross reminder that we still need protectors? Perhaps comes from the Heroes Guild Creed: "All are made Equal, yet None are born Whole." The Heroes Guild has historically empowered all people to have a chance to discover themselves and better the world through selfless acts. [...]
— Caleral Ysinders in "An Age of Chivalry: A Generation of Heroes"

The Godking Faust

Faust Cenodoxia had sought to unite all things to eradicate suffering; a philosopher king in his time, he wondered how in his kingdom's golden age, why his fellow man was not content, beyond the incursions of disease and the effects of socioeconomic status; he wanted to know what plagued the people's soul, what caused loneliness and disconnection. With a multitude of his works now hidden away from the general public, none but the elite may know. What is certain is that the answer he found was to become a god and make all one flesh to fill in the gaps in each other's hearts.   The War of Godking Faust saw the collapse The Godking himself and his imperial economic powerhouse, Cenodoxia. After The Three Heroes witnessed the destruction the Godking wrought, all Three Heroes desired to understand what events could cultivate such a person. The phrase, "All are made Equal, yet None are born Whole" was made in this light, to honor their formidable foe and solve the issue Faust Cenodoxia was consumed by.  
No one should see themselves are lesser or superior to another; by treating one another as equals, we acknowledge there is still a uniqueness of perspective we each may share--how else do we account for the complexities of the self between two people? By sharing and seeking the council of others, we make ourselves a more complete person. So, I ask you to join me then; join together so that we may rebuild this world together.
— Aldnoa Astrashiy, the Fallen Star

The Three Heroes

  The Three Heroes sheparded in a new Gen, the Gen of Heroes, wherein they rose under their creed to create a united Heroes Guild for the people of Tara: Valik Ethril, a Taran noblemen, abandoned his noble title to serve the people of Tara for as long as he lived; The DracovianIssam Milil, helped Tara rebuild infrastructure by giving his nomadic people greater power and purpose within general society with the integration of courier services within established trade routes; and Aldnoa Astrashiy, a Myrrdin, used her monetary connections to the then United Adrelan Republic of her people to fund the Heroes Guild.  

Valik Ethril: Nephew of Faust Cenodoxia

After revoking his claim to a noble title and leaving Cenodoxia's fate in the hand of the people, (as noted in his Eulogy of the Late Godking Faust by Valik Ethril) Valik joined with Aldnoa Astrashiy and Issam Milil once more, but to build their own Heroes Guild and unite all other adventuring and mercenary companies for the good of the people. Knowing others would follow in their footsteps, Valik went on to represent the face of the guild for a time. He went on several adventures with young Guild Members, tutored several on the art of combat and monster hunting.   In the last letter he wrote to Issam Milil before he returned from another quest during the beginning of winter, it notes:  
I will be returning near the start of the winter months, behind schedule, as usual. [...] I confess, this is not what I envisioned for my the twilight days, as while I am with good and competent company, I am only left with the memories of my frequents to our Guildhall and Hearthfire. These thoughts keep me warm, surely, but I want them to be more than thoughts.[...] Kindly expect my retirement upon my return. I wish to spend the end of my days among those I love--the stubbornest folk in all Tara.
— Don't Convince Me Otherwise, V.E.
  Upon his return and at his word, Valik Ethril retired at the age of 73 and gave his title of Guildmaster giving the position to Aldnoa Astrashiy. It is noted that Ethril never married, and with no recorded death certificate or marked grave, the man passed away with little fanfare.  

Issam Milil: The Risen Tradesmen

  Issam Milil returned home soon after Godking Faust's demise. Among the Dracovian Tradespeople, Issam was celebrated as a paragon of his people. However, with a majority of his race still impoverished and with no territory or empires to their name, Issam quickly wrote to his friends, famously noting that, "To return now, with so much left undone would be a disgrace," in true Dracovian fashion.   Within the time spent between both building the Guildhall and rallying his people, Issam Milil came up with the idea of using the Dracovian's established trade routes as a courier service for the guild. This would not only employ his disenfranchised people and let all Dracovians be an honorary part of the guild, but it came to serve the purpose of gathering and spreading information. This is where the phrase "Post the Quest" comes from, as the quest comes from a Postman who places the quest onto a Guildhouse's Questboard. --Issam was quite proud of this and worked with his people for thirty of the years to help establish regulations and management of parcels, quests, and the like.   This not only had the effect of bringing communities together over a long distance but cultivated a culture of selfless heroism, others seeking to go good for their fellow man; as such, people in the thousands joined the guild in its first year.   After dedicating those thirty years on the road, Milil spent his remaining days attending to Guildhall affairs as Postmaster with Astrashiy. Even with two of the original adventures in close proximity, the Guildhall became livlier.  
We can't get him out of the kitchen, or the garden, or from cleaning the tables at night. Never seen one so involved in everything--like a rooster. We'd tell'em to stop if he wasn't such good company. Well. He burns the table when he laughs and we've had to ward the kegs from the ... last incident--fire breathing and all, but even milady Astershee seems pleased. She smiles more, the poor thing. I don't think she'd take a break if it weren't for him and how hard he worked, too.
— Halia Brigsby, Scullery Maid, the first Heroes Guild Self-Image Survey
  After ten years, Issam found love within the Guildhall, a male Dracovian by the name of Guda Khalid. They were lively folk that brought out songs from one another. In their twilight years, they dedicated time to helping those still orphaned and affected by the war. They adopted and took several under their wing, all becoming a part of the Heroes guild, carrying on this legacy.   It is said both Issam Milil and Guda Khalid became paragons of the Dracovian people after their death, and that their children were formally recognizes as part of the Dracovian tribespeople.  

Aldnoa Astrashiy: The Astral Monarch

The Lady's connections to the United Adrelan Republic as the Astral Monarch proved to not only bequeath honors, but funding. Her plan of action was twofold: remove or unite all competitors to focus efforts to rebuild the infrastructure of Tara; and create an internal service economy for the guild to assist the people of Tara.  

The Golden Days

Within the next 50 years, Lady Astrashiy used diplomacy, her station and connections to her Republic, and superior funding to aggressively outmaneuver and strong arm other guilds--mere adventuring companies and various mercenary guilds of mixed repute--into joining the Heroes Guild. This was majority unpopular to some of the more radical Myrrdin people and other mercenaries displaced for "the good of the people".   With Valik Ethril's retirement, Lady Astrashiy took the title of Guildmaster. For the next 200 years, Astrashiy performed both her roles as a Monarch, Guildmaster, and Bookkeeper. To celebrate her Ethril's retirement, both Astrashiy and Issam Milil created a festival in his name, "Autumnhearth", in hopes of further uniting Heroes with a grand feast and gratitude toward heroic deeds; with the popularity of the festival reaching the public within a 5 year span, this resulted in Valik Ethril accidentally becoming Master of Festivals within the Guild, effectively ending his retirement.   Within the next 10 years, Aldnoa Astrashiy attended the funerals of both Issam Milil and Valik Etrhil.  

The Decline

  Now approximately 300 years after the events of Godking Faust, Astrashiy had taken on the roles of Astral Monarch, Guildmaster, maintained her position as Bookkeeper, and added Postmaster to the list. Whether she a) was fearful of passing the torch, b) clung to the titles in memory of her late comrades, or c)had no successor is a matter of debate. Stretched thin and burdened by both her Republic and Guild Responsibilities, she reduced the effectiveness of the Heroes Guild, opening the Heroes Guild to competitors and the Myrrdin people to strife.   Within the next 25 years, guilds gained power in the vacuum: The Conduit's Assemblage gained popularity among religious folk; The Shaper's Protectorate began to fight against corruption and guard the Summoning Circles with greater efficiency than the Heroes Guild; and the Carrion Crown publicly reinstated itself as a player against the Heroes Guild. The Carrion Crown, a band of assassins and mercenaries that existed during the fifty year period of Astrashiy's political maneuvering, and the Heroes Guild's old feud began once more, but without effective leadership was unable to outdo the organization outright. In light of Astrashiy's lessening of power, The Carrion Crown moved with killing intent against the Heroes Guild.   What followed were several attempts on Aldnoa Astrashiy's life by the Carrion Crown guild. As if to take advantage of the conflict, the Crown City advanced against the United Adrelan Republic. In the Solar and Lunar Monarch's emotional address to the people, they vowed to hold off the Crown City for their Astral Monarch:  
Our dreams and wishes are tied to the stars, wherever she goes, and they unite us. Stars were always meant to be far from their people, so she must not fall, lest the heavens rain down that burning fire, blacken the night sky, and ink our hearts in despair. My people, manifest that invisible force of the stars in your hearts and be one another's glowing guide. Let us navigate these uncertain times whether by death or glory, but always to the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars ever onward and together.
— Spoken by Lord Solarion and Lady Ilua,
Translated from High Kulnic to Common.
  Whether or not the United Adrelan Republic fell due to the lack of support from the Astral Monarch Astrashiy or because there were no Heroes to save the Republic is still debated.   Lord Solarion and Lady Inua were publicly executed within a week of the Crown City taking the Republic, resulting in the mass exodus of the remaining Myrrdin people. After the Heroes Guild won victory against the Carrion Crown a month after these events, Astrashiy bequeathed her role as Bookkeeper and Postmaster to others, maintaining her role as Guildmaster--and the Fallen Star of Adrelan--to present day.  

The Forgotten Fourth: Yurezin V.

  It was difficult for the people to believe and retell the story of the heroic four with a stain like that of the Simmias to accompany them. Yurezin was thus dropped from several of the retellings of what became the Legend of the Three Heroes. While Yurezin's name faded from the collective concsiousness of Tara, there are still rumors that suggest that Yurezin is not only still operating--alive, but works within the Heroes Guild as the organization's Quartermaster.   Even to present day, when Lady Astrashiy is questioned about the rumor, she replies with the same, "How many symbols do you see in the center of our flag?"  

The End of the Gen of Heroes

  As the Gen of Heroes comes to a close, Tara still relies upon the Heroes Guild as a source of peacekeeping and reliable infrastructure. While there is less of a need for Heroes, perhaps, there has yet to be a decline in those who enlist themselves as part of the guild; it would seem there are still people out there in the world who wish to act selflessly, become their ideal selves, and explore the world together, as though they and all people were family.

"All are made Equal,
yet None are born Whole"

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Third Age


The new world of Tara is 3000 years old. It has seen the First Age of Divinity, the Second Age of Conquest.

  • 3434 TA

    3 /2
    3471 TA

    6 /3

    King Faust's Rise and Fall
    Political event

    King Faust is born, rises to power, seeks to become a Godking for his people, and is slain by the Three Heroes.

    Ievlen Empire
  • 3471 TA

    3 /6

    End of the Gen of Atrocities
    Cultural event

    Beginning of the Gen of Heroes

  • 3471 TA

    27 /6
    3533 TA

    14 /5

    Establishing the Heroes Guild

    The Heroes Guild rises to prominence by establishing a postal service and a service to train and send heroes to help rebuild Tara.

    Ievlen Empire
  • 3533 TA

    24 /9
    3536 TA

    24 /9

    Festival of Autumnhearth
    Cultural event

    To honor the retirement of Valik Ethril, Aldnoa Astrashiy created the festival of Autumnhearth. To honor his campaigns, most regions of Tara adopted this as a part of their own regional harvest festival.

  • 3548 TA

    The Death of the Two
    Life, Death

    Aldnoa Astrashiy, last of the Three Heroes, attends the funeral of her two beloved comrades. On the 4th day of the White Ash Moon, Year 3548, Issam Milil, Postmaster of the Heroes Guild dies. It is unknown where and when Valik Ethril dies.

  • 3548 TA

    4 /9
    3869 TA

    The Decline of the Heroes Guild
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Aldnoa Astrashiy takes on all leadership titles of the Heroes Guild while maintaining her noble title of Astral Monarch. While she manages to keep the guild afloat, the Heroes Guild loses influence and prominence across Tara, allowing for other guilds to rise in the power vacuum she inadvertently creates.

  • 3869 TA

    1 /5
    3899 TA

    2 /11

    The Guild War
    Disaster / Destruction

    Tensions rose between the Carrion Crown and The Heroes Guild for the next 30 years, with the Guild War taking place over a 6 month period-- from year 3899's Greencorn Moon to Blacksnow Moon.   The Heroes Guild wins the overall conflict, but during this time, the United Republic of Adrelan falls to the Crown City. After this event, Aldnoa Astrashiy bequeaths her Bookkeeper and Postmaster titles to other respected members of the guild.   This marked the beginning of the end of the Gen of Heroes.

  • 3899 TA

    2 /11
    3999 TA

    1 /1

    The Heroes Guild Reformation
    Life, Relocation

    The Heroes Guild leaves their Guildhall within the Ievlen Empire and settles within the territory of Thaigh Dural, a mining city along the Isthmus which welcomed the Heroes after their war.   With the help of the city, the Shaper's Protectorate, and the Conduit's Assemblage, The Guildhall is rebuilt within 20 years. With a renewed structure and purpose, the Heroes Guild once again becomes a centralized part of Tara's infrastructure.   In addition, their strategic placement within the Isthmus allows them to monitor for the possability of war between the Ievlen Empire and the Crown City--two ambitious empires each with a growing appetite for superiority.


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