Chimera d10 The Heroes Guild Reformation

The Heroes Guild Reformation

Life, Relocation


The Heroes Guild leaves their Guildhall within the Ievlen Empire and settles within the territory of Thaigh Dural, a mining city along the Isthmus which welcomed the Heroes after their war.   With the help of the city, the Shaper's Protectorate, and the Conduit's Assemblage, The Guildhall is rebuilt within 20 years. With a renewed structure and purpose, the Heroes Guild once again becomes a centralized part of Tara's infrastructure.   In addition, their strategic placement within the Isthmus allows them to monitor for the possability of war between the Ievlen Empire and the Crown City--two ambitious empires each with a growing appetite for superiority.

After the destruction the Heroes Guild brought to the Ievlen Empire with the results of the Guild War, The Heroes Guild was no longer welcome within the city's walls. Evicted from their once centralized place of residence and community, Thaigh Dural, a mining city, opened its arms to the Heroes Guild, offering them territory and a place to build with the condition that the Heroes Guild would help protect the city in case of invasion.   As Thaigh Dural now sat exposed on the isthmus after the Crown City's passage along the land, the Heroes Guild agreed and began construction. After 20 years, the Guildhall was rebuilt, and work on reformation within the organization began--several positions were restructured with a ranking system now integrated into the Guild for its Heroes.   This allowed Heroes to have a healthy competitive spirit in trying to become their ideal selves alongside each other. However, this was done as part as the Guildmaster's way of preparing her Heroes for war. As the two empires now turn to face each other. Whether their rivalry would end in battle and bloodshed could not be said for certain, but sitting upon the isthmus save the Heroes Guild an eagle's eye view at either side of the continent, ready and vigilant to uphold their creed of protecting the people.

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