Chimera d10 The Decline of the Heroes Guild

The Decline of the Heroes Guild

Life, Failure / Mishap


Aldnoa Astrashiy takes on all leadership titles of the Heroes Guild while maintaining her noble title of Astral Monarch. While she manages to keep the guild afloat, the Heroes Guild loses influence and prominence across Tara, allowing for other guilds to rise in the power vacuum she inadvertently creates.

Aldnoa Astrashiy, in addition to being the original Bookkeeper and the United Republic of Adrelan's Astral Monarch, takes on the titles of both Guildmaster and Postmaster. Becoming drowned in responsibility and spread thin, Aldnoa Astrashiy is unable to effectively manage the guild as the original vision intended. She does, however, manage to maintain enough power to thwart those wishing to become independent from the Heroes Guild.   This does not stop external forces from rising, such as The Shaperate, The Conduit's Assemblage, and the reestablishment of the Carrion Crown.

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