Chimera d10 History of the Heroes Guild Timeline

History of the Heroes Guild

Born in the Gen of Atrocities and having lived through the Gen of Heroes, the Heroes Guild have played a key role in the restructuring of Tara and the successful comeback of the world's nations. Though with its power and influence waning in present day, Tara is left to wonder what will become of the once golden institution.

Third Age


The new world of Tara is 3000 years old. It has seen the First Age of Divinity, the Second Age of Conquest.

  • 3434 TA

    3 /2
    3471 TA

    6 /3

    King Faust's Rise and Fall
    Political event

    King Faust is born, rises to power, seeks to become a Godking for his people, and is slain by the Three Heroes.

    Ievlen Empire
  • 3471 TA

    3 /6

    End of the Gen of Atrocities
    Cultural event

    Beginning of the Gen of Heroes

  • 3471 TA

    27 /6
    3533 TA

    14 /5

    Establishing the Heroes Guild

    The Heroes Guild rises to prominence by establishing a postal service and a service to train and send heroes to help rebuild Tara.

    Ievlen Empire
  • 3533 TA

    24 /9
    3536 TA

    24 /9

    Festival of Autumnhearth
    Cultural event

    To honor the retirement of Valik Ethril, Aldnoa Astrashiy created the festival of Autumnhearth. To honor his campaigns, most regions of Tara adopted this as a part of their own regional harvest festival.

  • 3548 TA

    The Death of the Two
    Life, Death

    Aldnoa Astrashiy, last of the Three Heroes, attends the funeral of her two beloved comrades. On the 4th day of the White Ash Moon, Year 3548, Issam Milil, Postmaster of the Heroes Guild dies. It is unknown where and when Valik Ethril dies.

  • 3548 TA

    4 /9
    3869 TA

    The Decline of the Heroes Guild
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Aldnoa Astrashiy takes on all leadership titles of the Heroes Guild while maintaining her noble title of Astral Monarch. While she manages to keep the guild afloat, the Heroes Guild loses influence and prominence across Tara, allowing for other guilds to rise in the power vacuum she inadvertently creates.

  • 3869 TA

    1 /5
    3899 TA

    2 /11

    The Guild War
    Disaster / Destruction

    Tensions rose between the Carrion Crown and The Heroes Guild for the next 30 years, with the Guild War taking place over a 6 month period-- from year 3899's Greencorn Moon to Blacksnow Moon.   The Heroes Guild wins the overall conflict, but during this time, the United Republic of Adrelan falls to the Crown City. After this event, Aldnoa Astrashiy bequeaths her Bookkeeper and Postmaster titles to other respected members of the guild.   This marked the beginning of the end of the Gen of Heroes.

  • 3899 TA

    2 /11
    3999 TA

    1 /1

    The Heroes Guild Reformation
    Life, Relocation

    The Heroes Guild leaves their Guildhall within the Ievlen Empire and settles within the territory of Thaigh Dural, a mining city along the Isthmus which welcomed the Heroes after their war.   With the help of the city, the Shaper's Protectorate, and the Conduit's Assemblage, The Guildhall is rebuilt within 20 years. With a renewed structure and purpose, the Heroes Guild once again becomes a centralized part of Tara's infrastructure.   In addition, their strategic placement within the Isthmus allows them to monitor for the possability of war between the Ievlen Empire and the Crown City--two ambitious empires each with a growing appetite for superiority.