Chimera d10 The Guild War

The Guild War

Disaster / Destruction


Tensions rose between the Carrion Crown and The Heroes Guild for the next 30 years, with the Guild War taking place over a 6 month period-- from year 3899's Greencorn Moon to Blacksnow Moon.   The Heroes Guild wins the overall conflict, but during this time, the United Republic of Adrelan falls to the Crown City. After this event, Aldnoa Astrashiy bequeaths her Bookkeeper and Postmaster titles to other respected members of the guild.   This marked the beginning of the end of the Gen of Heroes.

The Carrion Crown, a mercenary guild of assassins and information brokers, sought to control the flow of information across Tara for the sake of diplomatic peacekeeping, in direct conflict with the Guild's efforts of connecting people with a free flow of information that the postal service had historically provided.   After 30 years of the Carrion Crown's guerilla tactics to sabotage the Heroes Guild's postal service, war broke out between the two. It is historically debated what caused the war to begin, though it is widely accepting that there had been an assassination attempt on Aldnoa Astrashiy, however, she has neither confirmed or denied this--for reasons unknown--and there are no records of this event.   The war waged from year 3899's Greencorn Moon to Blacksnow Moon. The Heroes Guild called on upon all of its heroes to help focus efforts against the Carrion Crown who crippled forces through subterfuge and key manipulations within commanding units. Crippled, the Guild called upon the aid of the Shaper's Protectorate and the Conduit's Assemblage--new Guilds.   Though they gave their aid freely, this enabled the Crowned City--a moving city--the opportunity to take the United Republic of Adrelan. This lead to the loss of the capital, the execution of the ruling people, and the mass exodus of the people of the city.   A month after this atrocity, the Heroes Guild was able to defeat the Carrion Crown. Soon after, Aldnoa Astrashiy bequeathed the titles of Bookkeeper and Postmaster to other respected members of the guild to begin reforming the Heroes Guild.   This still marked the start of the end of the Gen of Heroes.

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