Chimera d10 Establishing the Heroes Guild

Establishing the Heroes Guild



The Heroes Guild rises to prominence by establishing a postal service and a service to train and send heroes to help rebuild Tara.

The Heroes Guild is established in the bones of Cenodoxia, renamed Ievlen Empire, by the Three Heroes: Valik Ethril, who becomes the Guildmaster--face of the Guild--who leads campaigns to focus efforts to safeguard Tara's citizens by eliminating monsters and other threats to civilazation; Issam Milil who establishes a postal service as the Guild's Postmaster using his people's--the Dracovian's Trade routes; and Aldnoa Astrashiy who becomes the Guild Bookkeeper and Diplomat is Valik Ethril's absense.   There is also a forgotten fourth Hero--Yuresin V., a Simmias, who becomes the guild's Quartermaster to help train new and incoming heroes inspired by the tail of the three.   During this time, Aldnoa Astrashiy uses her monetary connections to the United Republic of Adrelan as the Astral Monarch to diplomatically maneuver and strong-arm other guilds into joining the Heroes Guild or disbanding. The end date signifies when all the other guilds finally either came under their banner or ceased organizing.

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