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The beliefs of the southwest Orcs

The southwest Orcs mainly worship the Orc goddess of fertility. According to her, Orcs should reproduce as much as possible while trying to live peacefully next to each other. While the former seems to work great, the latter does not. The women of the tribes often claim to have gotten a vision, telling them to go attack another tribe. It is unclear whether these are lies or just simple dreams, but to clerics of other gods it seems obvious that it is unlikely for Luthic to actually order her followers to attack each other. There are still a few rules that seem to get acknowledged by every Orc tribe.

Divine Origins

After the Separation, the Orcs were left clueless as to what to do now. They first tried living together in what could be seen as cities, which ended in multiple civil wars. They then decided that i may be better to just live in closer families. These families all settled near Nonac Trees, worshiping the god that created them. This caused Luthic to gain more followers within these families, later tribes.

Tenets of Faith

  • Reproduce to your hearts content
  • Protect the Nonac Trees at all cost
  • Never let anyone hunger
  • Get to know strangers, even if you don't like them
  Especially these last two tenets make these Orcs interesting. They view most people with hostility, but if you don't approach them in a very hostile manner, they will probably accommodate you. You will not feel welcome, but if you prove to them that you can be useful, it is very likely that you can live with them.

Granted Divine Powers

Divine healing magic.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The (commonly female) shamans greatly influence the warlords decisions. Generally Orc women are fairly powerful in these Orc tribes, thanks to to beliefs.

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