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Saints of Irial

The frozen Saints of Irial with feet as black as night.

The realm of Worheim has grown soft and warm.
— Ordri, Saint of Irial 246 ATA

Ustri Snowcloak The First Saint of Irial:

  The Saints of Irial live high in the Blackfoot mountains nearly a half a days hike from the city of Culvingarrd if the weather is kind. The first recorded Saint of Irial was Ustri Snowcloak in the year 137. Ustri was the younger brother to Dunora Snowcloak who would be the first ruler of Culvingarrd. Ustri was a highly devote man to the Elemental Magnate of Ice Irial. Ustri was well known for worshipping Irial with enthusiasm unseen in anyone else. He was said to have climbed the mountain range and stood upon the cliff looking out the realm of Worheim in prayer, waiting for an answer from Irial. It is said Ustri stood on that cliff for near half a day barefoot waiting for a sign. As he was about to falter, he felt a sharp snap of cold go through his body and the pain that had been so excruciating instantly vanished. His black feet that had been so severely frostbitten felt no pain, and he could move all of his toes as if they were tucked away in his boots, nice and warm. The blessing he received from Irial would prove to be a miracle in the sight of the kingdom. It was said the Ustri fought in numerous wars besides his sister Dunora always protecting the queen from harm and danger as Ustri was a brave warrior like non-other in the kingdom. As the years would progress, Ustri would build a magnificent Temple upon the cliffside where he was granted the blessing from Irial. There he offered three of the most devote and closest allies of Ustri to join him as the protectors of irial and the realm of Worheim. The names of the first 4 Saints of Irial: Ustri, Vestr, Nordr, Udri.      


  The Saints of Irial still exist in the realm of Worheim, but some of the ancient practices are not performed anymore. Praying for half a day on a cliffside had been stopped shortly after the year 1524 when dwarves would venture to the area to pray and end up losing their life from the shock that ensued from gaining such horrendous frostbite. The Saints are still number at four as the days of old, whenever a king goes to war or fights the three most aged saints will accompany the king or queen into battle. The youngest will stay behind to protect the kingdom, rule in the king's place if everyone has died and to make sure that the Saints of Irial do not fall entirely. At the temple, the remains of anyone who has ruled the realm of Worheim or was a saint of Irial is laid to rest here.


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