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Disciples of The Huntress

"What's an Arachnid without their religious bond to The Huntress? Nothing more than a weak excuse for a living being, soulless and dispensable."  
  • Suzi
  • The Disciples of The Huntress are a group of Arachnids who worship The Huntress as their goddess. It's the main religion on Straos followed by the Disciples of The Groundsman as an opposing (although not competing) group of Arachnids. Most Arachnids acknowledge the existance and importance of both The Huntress and The Groundsman but they often choose one deity above the other.   The active communication between The Huntress and her followers has caused other religions based on "fake" deities to die out soon after they had been founded; she doesn't tolerate idol worship on her planet and among her children.


    At the top of this religion is The Huntress herself, a goddess who created the galaxy which Straos is located in. Together with The Groundsman she created Straos: The Groundsman was responsible for creating the flora of the world while The Huntress took it upon herself to form the fauna (including the Arachnids). The Huntress' reign over all Arachnids is unquestioned, at least in the long run.   The Groundsman is not as powerful as his counterpart, however he's still above any Arachnid who ever roamed Straos. Even the Disciples of The Huntress obey his commands if he speaks to them. It's rare because he has his hands full with his own followers but occasionally a disciple of The Huntress - positively or negatively - catches his attention.   Besides the two deities there is a small circle of Arachnids who enjoy almost as much worship from the Disciples of The Huntress as them: The Huntress' concubines. Over the course of time, the goddess took a particular liking to certain followers. They either shined with exceptional piety, great deeds or simply their overall personality. At the moment there are five concubines who are acknowledged by the Disciples of The Huntress:  
    • Diz. The first concubine, chosen for her fiery spirit and archery skills. Her arrogance might be her downfall one day.
    • Zakhia. Taken in by The Huntress as a spiderling, chosen out of pity for her early death. An excellent artist and a pinnacle of beauty.
    • Tamah. A brave Tarlaki warrioress who led the charge on the invading humans. Tall and intimidating but with a gentle soul.
    • Suzi. A passionate but fallible zealot, chosen for her stalwart faith in The Huntress.
    • Zara. Suzi's lifetime girlfriend who was chosen in foresight of Straos' imminent apocalypse. The two fullfill The Huntress' work on Earth and Straos.
    Religious, Organised Religion
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