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Main religion of the people in the Kaldarian Deserts

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for giving the idea and helping with the name of this religion



The deserts of Kaldar are vast and harsh, dividing their peoples from one another. There is one thing that still binds them together among the sea of sand: their religion, Kaldism.

Mythology & Lore

Four deities rule over the world: the Sun, the Sky, the Sea, and the Earth. Each of them sends a couple of avatars in times of dire need, each having half of the powers each god possesses, the last time that happened was during the Calamity. It is believed that the Sea abandoned the Kaldarian people, which is why the region turned into a desert.

Tenets of Faith

  1. The elements are probations to the people - you should not do the role of the elements;
  2. Should the sands try to claim you light, you might encounter a savior - your light now belongs to them;
  3. Your kin is yourself - your goals are their goals, and their goals your goals;
  4. The Gods are Nature, and Nature is everywhere - and so their Word shall be everywhere.


The Wanderers of the Sun are the main priests of Kaldism. They are known for traveling through the deserts, and even to farther lands, to spread the Word of the Gods, while living by them.

Religious, Organised Religion
s. Kaldist; pl. Kaldists
s. Wanderer of the Sun; pl. Wanderers of the Sun

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