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Followers of Flame


The Followers of Flame is the title of people who specifically work in temples belonging to Devbasta. This can range from the lowest of temple goers that help maintain temple grounds, to the high Priest or Priestess of Flame, who tend to festivals and daily prayers.  

The God

Devbasta is the God of Fire and Passion and also the patron God of Basta, Devbasta controls heat, flame and passion. Devbasta is said to be wild and impulsive, and the ebb and flow of heatwaves are his doing.   His main domains are the deserts of Isidoro and warm, temperate locations are signs of his presence. This changes during Basta as his blessings are spread all across Isidoro.

Love and Acceptance of All

Devbasta has been claimed by the LGBTQ+ community of Isidoro, as there had been myths surrounding the fact that Devbasta loved all, no matter their identity. That he had partners that were male, female, and non-conforming. A common image used is Devbasta's sigil and iconography being displayed with a rainbow within.

Cosmological Views

Devbasta is the God of Fire and as a result any wildfires, eruptions of volcanoes, or even heatwaves, are said to be his doing. Magma and Lava are considered his blood, deep underneath Isidoro to help spread magic and heat throughout the landmass.

Tenets of Faith

Love thyself and your neighbors. Do what you are passionate about. Take no substitute. Take pride in yourself and your accomplishments. Love unconditionally.
— Tenets of Devbasta
  The main goals and ideas surrounding Devbasta's people have the main connection of 'passion'. Devbasta was adopted as a god of passion in modern times, and as a result the tenets were tweaked somewhat.


To the left is the official clothing worn by members of the Followers of Flame. All members wear colours that match the region they're from, for example, the temples to the north tend to follow the colour scheme of the 'cold' fire icon and all the reds of the uniform are replaced with an icy blue.   The highest ranking of the temples and followers are able to be told apart from the lesser members by the veil across their face. While the gods' veils are opaque and unable to be seen through, the mortal counterparts are translucent-- an attempt to mimic the gods, but not claim a status as their equal.
Common and Uncommon Iconography
Common Worshipers
Dragons, Fae, Nagas

An icon used in the LGBTQ+ Community using Devbasta's symbol.


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