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Our Lady of Divine Descendence

Modern History: It is believed that Raena reincarnates as one of the Osposi and is sought out and made the ceremonial head of state, serving in the Republic's Congress as a voting member as well as the head of the church. Upon her death, the search begins for her next reincarnation. Raena avatar's typically die relatively early, the church's official stance being that the moral form cannot long contain divine essence. (Many are disposed of after coming into their own and either becoming too difficult to control or learning too much about the internal workings of the church.)


The Seven Heralds: The Divine Court - Elected leaders of the church who set policy, debate theological matters, and issue decrees on various rulings that have traveled up through the courts Greater Tribune: Administers to a geographic area, are called together to elect Herald's upon one passing. Lesser Tribune: Administers to particular cities - choose one of their own to fill Greater Tribunes when one ascends Magister - Priests who hold forth in local religious venues Sword - Defender of the Faith. Unsung - Deputized Swords who act as covert ops

Public Agenda

Bring the light of balance to all corners of the world, demonstrate that the example set forward by Raena is the most enlightened and effective way of life Defend the faithful against wrong or subversive beliefs


A shift and outgrowth of the native Astellian religion, moving from an amorphous, animistic faith to monotheism.
  • Founded in 0309 1 G.E

Mythology & Lore

In the time before Time, in an existence beyond Existence, the Septagrammaton was. So it was that the Septagrammaton created all from its innumerable infinities. It created seven avatars to divide All That Is and thus the Septagrammaton became its avatars and creation. For many eons, the seven worked in harmony, creating and ordering existence. But one day, one of the avatars crossed into another’s domain. The one whose domain had been invaded slew the interloper because the perfection of existence had been marred. The others in turn destroyed the murderer aspect. It was then that they realized no system can be perfect, for even as the seven avatars of perfection, they had erred.   Eka wished to destroy all of their work, for if it could not be perfect, then their struggle for order was futile. Its anger was tempered by Duva, who said that one error was an anomaly and should be ignored. Katur proposed abandoning order and creating more errors, if there could be no perfection in order, then there could be perfect chaos. Sas countered that they should create rules and guidelines to prevent any deviation to prevent future mistake. The other aspects looked at Raena, who had remained quiet. Finally, Raena spoke and said that each should be done. The others were puzzled for each suggestion presented a dichotomy opposed to the other. So Raena plucked a pinch of each aspect and rolled them into one mass and sculpted a being in their likenesses. It was had Eka’s destructive will, but Duva’s desire to create and forgive, Katur’s capacity for chaos and disorder while balanced by Sas’s desire for stability and law.   As for their new creation, so existence would be balanced by these forces. The aspects created a realm for their creations to dwell, where they would watch and observe and for a time were content. Each aspect assembled a faction that followed their ideal. Eka’s people were warlike and destructive, Duva’s people were builders and peaceful, Katur’s people were capricious and wild, Sas’s people were organized and lawful. Raena themselves descended to watch over this new life and for a time all were content. But eventually, each other aspect grew displeased with how their creations acted; perceiving flaws when each displayed other facets than their patron's chosen. Eka, Duva, Katur, and Sas all instructed their chosen on how to behave, but each aspect gave commandments that went against another aspects.   And so a great and terrible conflict broke out between mortals all and many died. When it appeared that each would slaughter or die to the last, Raena spoke. With great skill, knowledge, wisdom, and strength, uniting each faction, and knew that only in freeing them of complete control of their parent aspects, would mortals know peace. Raena challenged and slew each aspect; and from their bodies Raena shaped the rest of the world, leaving their people to go shape and form new lands. When Raena returned from their work, they found the unity they had forged had splintered and that even without, the influences of the former aspects would forever be within their creations. With this realization, that there would forever be strife and discord among mortals, Raena grew distraught and left for unknown lands.

Divine Origins

It is untold ages later, that mortals would again encounter Raena; only a handful select who were wise, tempered, or innocent, who could understand the balance that Raena had sought. From these mortals the teachings of She who Descended were passed on, in the words of mortal prophets who's conversations and teachings would be transcribed and passed down to form the basis of Our Lady of Divine Descendence.   The Warrior Clissold, who engraved the Goddess pithy words onto his weapons and taught how to defend oneself both with words and deeds against those who did not understand (Patron of The Unsung )   The Child Araignée, who repeated the Goddess's instructions on how to treat others, telling of the kindness and gentleness of the Goddess who forsook power in order to teach   The Philosopher Rima, who wrote of the Goddess's wisdom, passing down the path of the rightous and the way to strive for balance

Tenets of Faith

1. Vigilance: So as Raena once had to destroy those who did not see, the faithful must ever be prepared to bring understanding to the unenlightened  
  • Resist those who would harm the faithful or lead them from the path of balance
  • Only speak and act in ways to bring greater balance or harmony within oneself and with others
2. Self Mastery: One must bring into balance all the impulses of the human spirit, but suppression of none as we are formed from all elements
  • As the fire can warm, so can it burn. Anger can destroy, but it can be a source of drive
  • We may build, but may lose purpose. Creativity can bring forth wonder, but lapse into self aggrandizement
  • To act, while not acting recklessly. Freedom is necessary, taken too far, it leads to anarchy.
  • There must be structure to house society, but one may build themselves a tomb. Order brings law, while its overabundance brings stagnation.
3. Faith: Believe and follow the tenants of Raena's wisdom and those of her prophets  
  • It is only through Raena's wisdom that one may strive for a more correct life, becoming closer to her example
  • Though other spirits and entities may exist, they are born from the imperfections of the Aspects
Founding Date
0309 1 G.E
Religious, Organised Religion
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
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Notable Members
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