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The Hegemony

A quasi-religious organization that believes The Scream was the voice of God chastising humanity for it's hubris and lack of faith.


Similar titles compaired to the Catholic church structure.   Official Ranks:   1. The Prophet (Leader) 2. Grand Cardinal (Fleet Admiral) 3. Cardinal (Admiral) 4. Bishop (Captain) 5. Priest (Lieutenant) 6. Reverend (Warrant Officer) 7. Deacon (Petty Officer) 8. Supplicant (Ratings)   Unofficial Ranks: 1. Cleric (A special honorific bestowed on induvidual members given a mission from the Prophet themself. Is added to their existing rank via a hyphen. Eg. Cleric-Bishop Samael Batista) 2. Penitent (Captured slave soldiers used as canon fodder and grunt work. Not technically a rank as they have no authority and cannot speak on behalf of the Hegemony.)

Public Agenda

Doctrines are centered around rigid social structure while seeking forgiveness through penitent service.


Massive amounts of indentured workers, Significant amount of inhabited worlds under their direct control and diplomatic ties on many others, numerically superior fleet


Formed sometime after The Scream during the Age of Strife. Currently in an intense Cold War with the Technocratic Union.

Demography and Population

Directly controls several planet and has significant populations in neutral territory. Ranks are boosted with the addition of captured enemies from battle.


Military Doctrine:   Space - Focuses on overwhelming opponents with numbers and close range engagements. Fleet compositions included higher numbers of Fighter, Frigate, and Carrier hulls with less Battleship and Cruiser hulls. Favours boarding parties and has low Electronic Warfare capabilities but higher defence as guns are manned by organic shooters.   Ground - Grunts are equipped for melee combat, with specialists giving suppression fire with rapid fire weapons. Officers are better equipped with higher tech weapons and armour but still focus on melee and lead from the front. Troops maintain high morale even when taking heavy losses. Average Tech Level of troops = 2

Technological Level

Relatively low tech level for a spacefaring civilization. Average Tech Level is high 2 low 3 with higher ranked members having access to more sophisticated technology. Is capable of manufacturing Spike Drives of level 1 in bulk and level 2 for important vessels

Foreign Relations

Aggressive Expansionist, with a focus on annexation. Political maneuvering and espionage are used when open conflict would prove too costly or to weaken an opponent for open conflict.


While there is less focus on traditional learning all members of society are provided with basic education and religion education which is the more emphasized. Higher ranked members have access to better learning.

Mythology & Lore

The Prophet claims to have been chosen by God during the Age of Strife, to teach Humanity of the truth of existance.

Divine Origins

Unknown Origin Point, Religion beliefs originate from the word of the Immortal Prophet.

Cosmological Views

They see God as a great psychic will that created humanity from itself and that when we return after death we merge back with it.

Tenets of Faith

1. Actively seeks to capture outlaws, rebels and other non-conformist groups and forcibly convert them to the cause, those that join are placed into the Militia Penitent the lowest class in thier society. Those that resist are slaughtered as corrupted souls, typically in public burnings using plamsa torches. The burning is thought to purge the corruption and cleanse the soul for it to return to God.   2. Dislike AI as it is seen as life with no soul. They hate the creator for perverting life any will kill such 'demons' immediately. They feel pity for the AI and will perform 'mercy' killings on them.   3. Neutral but condescending disposition towards aliens, seeing them more like intellegent animals such as Apes or Dolphins.   4. Psychics are revered as holy men and dominate the upper echelons of ranks.


Ethics similar to crusade era nations. Life is typically seen as less important than spiritual purity. Outright murder is criminal but any myriad of offenses are punishable by death, including but not limited to:   Cowardess Heresy Blasphemy Piracy Worship of False Gods Murder Theft   Pious acts are those that forward the cause of the Hegemony, such as:   Converting Heathens Killing the enemies of the Hegemony in battle Dying a righteous death in service to the Hegemony.


Worship process is very similar to the worship of the Abrihamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) in that one is expected to pray and pay homage to God and to attribute the happenings of life to It's will. Rituals are varied and usually specific to induvidual groups eg. Some journey once a week to a place of worship to pray, while some never visit a place of worship but must pray multiple times per day at specific times. Others might have only a loose affinity and do not pray except before undertaking an intensive task such as battle.


The Imortal Prophet guides the Faithful.   Claims to be chosen by God.   Holds supreme authority and is an incredibly powerful psychic.

Granted Divine Powers

Psychics are revered as holy extensions of the devine with more powerful psychics attaining higher ranks mire easily than non-psychics.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Has a dedicated central authority that acts as a political power on the galactic stage. There are those that follow the tenants of the religion but are not directly involved with The Hegemony. Similar to how the Catholic Church operated in medieval times.


No major splits within the overarching organization due to the presence of The Prophet. Various fleets or controlled worlds may have mild differences in dogma and actions. Eg. One fleet may accept surrender at all times while another will show no mercy upon their initial demand being rejected.

De-X Valt

Founding Date
Unknown, Post-Scream
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
The Hedge
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Credit Chits
Legislative Body
The Immortal Prophet is the highest authority. The Grand Cardinal and the Cardinals handle the more day to day affairs.
Judicial Body
The fleets of the faithful
Official State Religion
Permeated Organizations
Notable Members

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