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Religion of Lake Idryl's Otterfolk

Lutrines line the shores of Lake Idryl, looking out across the placid waters, waiting for a spectral visage to appear before them. After a feast, they have come to worship, to see the ghostly figure of their deity walk across the waters towards their little village. The Lady of the Lake never keeps them waiting.   While others around Lake Idryl shy away and almost demonize the story of the Lady of the Lake, Lutrines look to it for comfort and as a base for their religion. The small furry creatures worship the ghostly woman, praying to her for good harvests and plentiful lives in their family units. On the nights she comes close to the water's edge, they host a feast and leave offerings for her as she glides gracefully toward the shore.   The Lady does not come near to the shore every night. She may appear and rest in the middle of the lake, only a dull glow marking her presence. On those nights, only the most devoted Lutrines stand on the shores and pray. They watch her light for hours, until it disappears with the growing dawn.   The nights of the full moon are the most special for the Lutrines. The Lady comes closest to shore, never leaving the water. The day is set aside for feasting and celebrating, while the devoted Lutrines prepare their offerings. The Lutrines' small Paladin order spends much of their time preparing for these days, working on the small hut they use as a place of worship as well as keeping the shores clean for their night watches.


Ottertarianism does not have an established structure. All Lutrines around Lake Idryl practice Ottertarianism, while mainly the Paladins work to prepare offerings and lead prayers. The Paladin order also serves as leaders of the various Lutrine villages.

Public Agenda

Those that practice Ottertarianism serve a main goal, to serve the Lady of the Lake and take care of what is hers. This often means taking care of the lake and its shores.


Lutrines were some of the first to ever witness the visage of the Lady of the Lake. From then on, the creatures worshiped the Lady and set out to serve her, creating a Paladin order and having celebrations monthly. It is unsure when this occurred as the myth of the Lady was only recorded once the Half-Elves began living near the lake as well.

All Love for Our Lady

Founding Date
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Order of the Otters, Order of the Lake
Controlled Territories

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