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Deshsa is a folk religion among the Kampu Homins.

Divine Origins

Since their beginning, homins of the region encountered various local preternaturals like fey or spirits and had to determine which were helpful or harmful. This resulted in early societies developing beliefs and rituals rooted in appeasing the forest creatures around them that would be collectively called Deshsa.

Cosmological Views

In general they see their world filled with various invisible spirits, some benevolent, others malevolent. They associate spirits with rice, soil, water, fire, stones, paths, and so forth.

Tenets of Faith

The spirits present in nature all are capable of providing either blessings or misfortunes. When calamity happens, to resolve it a spirit must be calmed and placated.


Since nearly everything natural has a spirit, it is important that Deshsans respect all the natural elements they use. That means they try their best to not over forage or hunt in one area too long or plant different crops in different seasons if sedentary.


Shamans are the spiritual leaders of each band or village. They specialize in training their bodies metaphysical energies like magic power and life force, in order to develop their ability to commune with spirits. In each village, they are tasked to contact these spirits and prescribe ways to appease them.   Illness is often believed to be caused by evil spirits or sorcerers, so tribes have their shamans also be the medicine who treat the sick. While males are favored for the position of shaman, women can be trained for the position if there are no men present with sufficient connection to spirits.

Granted Divine Powers

Shamans develop their metaphysical prowess so they may learn a ritual to summon spirits from nature. Typically they may use their magic power to summon an Elemental when the village is in great need of the bounty that they provide. Less often they may summon ancestral spirits for guidance.
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