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Redemptionism & The Way of the Redeemer

The Dark isn't natural. The Dark is made, by us, by our sins.   Look to the sky; gaze upon the void of the Still and know that your misdeeds have been made manifest. The Still is what comes of idleness, of sloth, of decadence. The Still grows as our civilization declines! It is the collected purity that has drained from the souls of humankind.   Before the Dark, before the Still, there was Light. All encompassing, all-illuminating, all loving. The Light was purity, our purity. The Light nurtured our ancient forebears, the Dawn Children. They were pure, and their purity was marked on their skin. The deeper their piety, the darker their skin, as their purity marked them for all to see.   But they were human, and like all humans, they were decadent. As their civilization descended into a love of sin, their purity bled from them into the sky to become the Still. Yet they continued to sin. They did not see what was becoming of them! The Still grew and grew until it swallowed half the sky, until it swallowed the Light completely. By then, our forebears' impurity was plain; their skin had paled and their eyes grew pale as well.   Yet hope isn't lost, my friends! Hope abides and through piety, temperance, and mastery over our baser instincts, we can reclaim our purity! We can be redeemed! I will show you the way, and together, we will reclaim our virtue! The Still willl wither and return the sky to the Light!   Join me, sisters and brothers! Join me in redemption!  
Archimandrite Sepharim, Head of the Redemptionists, Temple of the Still Reclaimed, Korinost, Flame of the Korinspire


The Redemptionists are a loosely bound collection of semi-autonomous temples and communities dedicated to the Way of the Redeemer. Temples and communities have direct control over their daily activities and agendas, though the Mandrican Council (a group of theologians headed by the Archimandrite) establish doctrine and settle religious disputes.

Public Agenda

The sect has but one public agenda: to halt what they see as the decline of humanity through sin. Redemptionists advocate for sobriety, moral dealings, subservience to Redemptionist doctrine, and by avoiding "over-reliance" on technological innovation.


Early Redemptionist scriptures date back to the early centuries after the Occlusion Event (or what the Redemptionists refer to as the birth of the Sill). Early Redemptionist teachings were far less structured than they are today, and over the centuries, the scattered documents and sermons were gathered together, compiled into a cohesive document, and released as the "Way of the Redeemer".   The sect has rarely been overtly political, but when the Queen of Korinost converted to Redemptionism in 2843CR the religion became the defacto faith of the illuminated lands of the Korinspire. While it hasn't spread much beyond the spire and its daughter-Lamps, it remains highly influential in the region.

Through Redemption we reclaim the sky

Religious, Sect
Alternative Names
Redemptionists; Redeemers; Still-mad; black-robes; Dark-mad
Redemptionists; Redeemers

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