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Aldelgian Ildyr Diocese

This is the organization that leads the Ildyr Priests and Devotees throughout The Empire of Aldelgis. It is considered the greatest religious organization on the western coast. Though they only have sway in Aldelgis, they are a considerable force within the country and have a significant hand in their governing. They have a stronghold on the spiritual guidance of the Aldelgian people, and a large say in the general governing of the nation. The diocese has an especially strong influence in the Crown City of Elric, which is the current location of their headquarters, Gerlach Cathderal - The First Aldelgian Church of Ildyr.
Tenets of Faiths
Ildyr is the God of Light, Judgment and Justice. The Eternally Bright One. His devotee and the priests of the Aldelgian Ildyr Diocese have tasked themselves with spreading his teachings, or at least their interpretations of his teachings.   Their three core tenets are of Light, Judgement, and Justice.   Light in the eyes of the devout, symbolizes life and spiritual growth. Life is sacred according to Ildyr and must be encouraged and protected. Those that are able to express themselves spiritually through his words may live a life of physical and spiritual fulfilment. Any of those who would shun or disrespect the gift of life are considered enemies of the church. The recent emergence of The Unfallen has caused extreme division within the church.   Judgement is a difficult tenet to decipher for those not accustomed to the diocese teachings. But for those within the clergy, judgement is being able to discern the difference between divine interference and the errors of the individual and being able to accept responsibility for one's own actions. Ildyr teaches that he will guide those who wish to trust him, but warns those that veer from his teachings that they risk dangers that he cannot save them from.   Justice is the responsibility and task for all the devout of Illdyr. For the peasant, for the rich, for all in Aldelgis, they must give justice to their own lives. They must live a devout life to its fullest spiritual potential, as that is the only way to give justice to such a gift as life. This tenet goes beyond that for the priests and Patriarchs of the faith. For them, they must also seek out and dole out just punishment to those that have actively tarnished or sinned against these tenets.
Organizational Structure
Six important roles exist within the church, though many more positions exist these are the six most prominent and vital. These are ordered from most common to positions of high status and command.  
Priests Thousands of priests are a part of the daily workings of the diocese, each working at the hundreds of churches and parishes throughout Aldelgis. They help to serve the devout community by assisting them in prayer, and by guiding them towards the just light of Ildyr. They also help in the daily chores and running of the churches. There are a variety of different priests in the church and they each have unique responsibilities and tasks. Though the have little to no authority within the diocese.
Pastors Hundreds of pastors are a part of the diocese, these individuals are the leaders and top holy men of the hundreds of churches and parishes within the empire. They conduct important sermons, lead religious festivities, and communicate with people of influence within the diocese. Between the priests and the pastors, these are the people closest with their communities.
Vicar Militia This is a very unique role within the diocese, and very few hold the position. These specially trained clerics not only serve the church and their interests, but they also serve in the Aldelgian Military and hold rank within there companies. These clerics typically provided both healing services, being trained in priestly magics, conduct sermons for the devout in the military, and in extreme circumstances will join in on skirmishes and battles if the need arrives.
Patriarch One of the highest honours within the diocese, these few individuals hold a great status and role for the church. These patriarchs are given the task of guiding and teaching all the devotees of Ildyr throughout all of Aldelgis. They are a guiding voice, a presiding judge, and a father figure to all. They have no home parish, the entire diocese if their home. Their duty is to travel to each church, parish, and place of worship and guide them in the ways of Ildyr no matter what. They must also ensure that each church of Illdyr meets the standards of the church. These priests usually have a small military company for their protection in their service. Some Patriarchs also have the title of Vicar Militia and hold the responsibilities of both roles. Though this is an extremely rare occurrence.
  Prince Bishop They are accompanied in this task by four priests, chosen by hand by the Arch Bishop, these priests are given the title of Prince Bishop, and are granted territory in the empire to oversee, under the watchful eye of the Arch Bishop themselves.   Arch Bishop The leader of the Aldelgian Ildyr Diocese. A title that is typically given to a senior priest in the order. The Arch Bishop is the personal religious advisor of the Lord Noble Empress and is also responsible for guiding the entire empire's religious community of Ildyr. The Arch Bishop must also guide and monitor all of the Illdyr Patriarchs spread across the empire, making sure they conduct their duties justly as envoys to the faith, spreading religious knowledge across the empire. Their home parish is Gerlach Cathedral in The Crown City of Elric. These individuals are usually only chosen once in a lifetime, as the Arch Bishop is a position held until death or an otherwise debilitating illness that prevents them from leading soundly.  
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May Ildyr's Light Guide you to Divine Justice

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Current Arch Bishop
The current Arch Bishop of the Aldegian Illdyr Diocese is Ingolf Hildemar, who has been with the church since he was very young. Already in at an advanced age, he clings to the churches older traditions. His reign has been marred with controversy from the beginning as he took over from Arch Bishop Grigory Alstaf after he went missing under mystery circumstance.

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