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Tenants of Sun


Apart from Pelor being the head, the hierarchy is not too complicated. There are Light Seekers, Beacons of Goodness, Elysium's Workers, and finally Dawn Harvesters. These titles are shortened to Seekers, Beacons, Workers, and Harvesters for easier conversation.   The dress code stays the same throughout the hierarchy. White dresses or robes with golden sun pins and brooches. Clerics and paladins of Pelor usually sport a white and gold cloak or article of clothing. Shields with a yellow or orange sunburst also signify one as a follower of the Dawn Father.

Public Agenda

The chief goal of Pelor and his church is to rid the world of evil and malice. He always wages war against these forces and is always at odds with those who seek it out.


The oldest standing temple to Pelor exists in Hlee and gathers worshippers from time to time. The region called Elysium is named after the home of Pelor. The spread of Pelor worship is maintaining but is expected to rise with the return of monsters in Evoria.

Tenets of Faith

Since the great temple in Hlee was erected thousands of years ago, these tenants have guided any Dawn Cleric to a better relationship to oneself and others, but especially to Pelor. 1. The Dawn God's paramount ideal is light, for wherever there is light, no darkness may fester. I choose to be the light so that darkness may be eradicated.   2. The Sun God detests vile and malicious things. I vow to fight these horrid things and all forms of evil; evil in myself, evil in others, evil in power, evil in other gods.   3. The greatest way to shine is to be a beacon. The greatest way to be a beacon is to be generous. I pledge to the ideas of mercy, compassion, and charity.   4. As an anthesis of evil, I pledge myself to never cause unnecessary harm to my fellows; only good, righteous behavior shall I exhibit to those around me.   5. I will do everything within my power to heal the sick, the downtrodden, the hurt, and the dejected. Anything within my means I can spare to save others I will use.   6. I understand that I am a vessel of Pelor, of his will. I will take care of this vessel so that it may shine to other vessels.   7. Allies of Pelor are allies of me. Any that call Pelor friend will be my friend also.   8. Each and every day is a day to reckon the light of Pelor. Each day I pledge to do good to someone.   9. While none are perfect, I strive to be like my Celestial father, perfect in his ideals and in his ways.   10. I will not abandon the light, for darkness is death.


Pelor's Festival is popular among the rural citizens as a day of rest, though all cities in Evoria celebrate it. It is 21st of Midsummer and lasts until the beginning of Aftsummer. During the festival, all must follow the ideals of Pelor joyously. These are rewarded with goodness in the heart and mind; a refreshing wave falls upon those who participate in the festival. Crops also grow fuller after the festival, ripe for harvesting.


There are a couple of sects that support different roles within the church, Sollium and Salien.   The Sollium represent the clerics and paladins of Pelor that are battle-ready individuals. These are called upon by Pelor himself to take the fight against the forces of evil, which disguise themselves well in the world. Their rewards are majestic, and those of well-renown are gifted boons.   The Salien are clerical figures within the church. These delegate simple tasks such as community work or sermons derived from the pages of Pelor's holy writings, the Chronicles from Dawn. There is much to be found in the Salien servitude. One that devoted oneself to this sect is seen just as honorable as the Sollium who dies at the hand of a necromancer.

Light Shines Down

Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Church of Light, The Good Flame


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