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Order of Lost Causes

I like weaving and have made it my calling. It calms the mind and the result is something useful, beautiful or both.

Those who find themselves wondering what to do in life or are having trouble in life can turn to the order for help.


The order has a leader, Diso at the time of writing, acting as a guide to the other members.

The rest of the permanent members structure themselves loosely based on their experience, their field of knowledge and the situation. When a body needs healing the physician takes control and the initiative, while a fisher can take the lead if there are ships involved.

Because meaning in life can be so many things the range of fields is vast, from physicians to cooks and sailors.

The line of what constitutes a member gets a little hazy when one looks at those who were lost and have found themselves a path to walk on which doesn't directly involve the order, but the person still helps the order in some means.

Normally they call themselves members of the order without it being disputed, but are not called that by others.

Public Agenda

The Order of Lost Causes can be seen as an organisation that concerns itself with purpose. Specifically, it concerns itself about people with no or little purpose in life, who are called "the lost", by giving them purpose.

This can be either as simple as a conversation with a member of the order about a specific difficult situation in life or as complicated as therapy to heal the mind after a great trauma.


Due to the decentralised nature of the order there are only very few buildings that belong to the organisation. Most of the assets are in transportable goods, such as tents and wagons.

The most valuable item that is in the hands of the order is the conduit that the leader controls. It has the ability to calm extreme emotions, making people around it more centred, which makes it easier to talk and think clearly.

Immaterial assets can be found in the large and widespread network of those either actively working for the order, or those who have found their own path but still want to help others.

Show the lost a path

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