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Six Monochromes

It is unknown how long it has existed, but believing in Six Monochromes, the personifications of six Colors, has been the most popular religion in the whole Urnketh even in one of the oldest records. Each of the six gods represents the positive aspect of one Color and controls it.  

The Six

The White Judge

The one who brings the order with his laws, Judge brings the clarity of mind in the face of hard decisions.
He is a Huerustler, staying in one place, growing and judging. He is cold, thinking, and methodical. His followers often become judges and strategists.
He asks them to judge only on the basis of the known or experienced facts and to don't believe in every rumor or hearsay.
His symbol is a white tree with thick roots as long as it is tall.  

The Green Bard

The one whose voice gives hope and joy, Bard shows people how to reconcile with their enemies and shares the stories of the past, to not repeat its mistakes.
During the Age of War he was mostly forgotten, as ideas related to him were contrary to those of most of the people or impractical.
He asks his followers to bring peace and fun to others and never use their words to hurt or agitate them. A lot of them become entertainers or diplomats.
He is playful and optimistic, often depicted as a Smeltspark warrior, wearing the uniform of the member of a military band. His holy symbol is a bunch of notes that touch their flags together.  

The Red Protector

The one who gives shelter and heals the wounds, she boosts people's intuition to help them find safety and calms them down, so they don't rush in without thinking.
She is caring, motherly, and patient. She asks her followers to extend their hands to those who need help, so many of them become medics or guards.
Just like Bard, most texts describe her as a Smeltspark, wearing the equipment of a field medic. Her holy symbol is a shield with a stitched wound on it.  

The Black Athlete

The one who shows how to use one's strengths, she lets one tap into their full potential in dire need.
This Rockwing that carries only a javelin loves to compete and fight with others. By many considered a goddess of war, most of her followers are warriors and sportsmen. More than anything she hates those who act dishonorable and the rules she imposes reflect that. Her symbol is a pile of weapons with a javelin pointed upwards from it.  

The Blue Seeress

The one who sees the truth in the sea of lies, Seeress is believed to send prophetic dreams to those who will once become heroes.
She is truthful, logical, and hopeful.
She asks her followers to be honest. Those who choose her as their patron god often swear an oath of truth (some more zealous followers abstain from any speech, believing that words as a concept serve only to deceive others).
She is portrayed as a Beteclaw woman in the prime of her life, covered with blue robes, and her holy symbol is a pair of lips surrounded by six eyes.  

The Yellow Trader

The one who finds balance on both sides of the scale, she is the one who helps in finding the true value of something.
She wants people to respect the things that others possess as they might have a bigger value than one might think. Her followers are known for making fair trades and advising others on their deals and contracts.
The trader is a Rockwing, covered with golden jewelry, and always smiling. She is hardworking and analytical, and her symbol is a pile of gold with a scale standing on it.
Permeated Organizations
Controlled Territories

6 commandments

For those who don't follow the teaching of only one Monochrome, each of the gods gives one rule to follow through their life to be considered a good, moral person:
  1. Judge - Don't judge others for their looks or their race, and mostly for their acts that you haven't perceived as that is the domain of the gods.
  2. Bard - Never use your words to spread discord or suffering among others as they were given to you to connect and not to destroy
  3. Protector - If you are able, protect and nurture those who have it worse than you.
  4. Athlete - Never attack from behind those you claim to face with honor.
  5. Seeress - In your life, march on with the truth on your mind and lips.
  6. Trader - Everything has its value, never disrespect what you deem of less worth and remember to balance everything with the same price.
Those who choose one of the six gods as their patron still should follow those rules, however, following the commandments specific to their patron takes first place and can sometimes override the standard 6 commandments.  


A lot of big cities have separate churches for every one of the gods, each decorated and painted with the symbols and Colors of their gods. Inside those places, once a week there is a mass and for the rest six days, the priests often help people with other services, such as weddings, confessions and other stuff related to their patron.
But for many smaller or poorer places, House of Monochrome needs to suffice. These buildings are usually less ornate on the outside and house the holy symbols of all of the six gods on the inside.  
The 7th one
Most of the records regarding it have been erased for some reason, but I managed to find something that would interest you.
Apparently, at some point, there was a seventh god that some people worshipped a very long time ago. According to those records, she was called a Gray Witch. Now that would be an oxymoron. How could a Witch, a being completely filled with all of the Colors, be Gray at the same time? And was it really the Witches who tried to erase this knowledge?

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